Who is Fatman?

Are we really supposed to believe that someone who was a virtual unknown before the attack has emerged as a white knight and suddenly got 17.7k followers on the heavily censored platform known as Twitter, which is well known for boosting followers, likes, and retweets for people tied to the establishment while censoring those that call it out? Same Twitter that allowed the TradFi attackers to create bots and spread FUD about UST to cause a bankrun?


He seems to get too much recognizance by big fishes for a nobody


Yeah and getting 2 new followers per second at the moment on a platform that censors people that expose the establishment.

Fatman is super suspect for the following reason:

  • Does not mention the attackers and tries to pin all blame on Terra and DK
  • Supports Binance who allowed the attackers to violate their ToS to launch the attack on UST
  • Claims to be a “normal person with no connections and power” but suddenly has access to whistleblowers, support for his proposal from big fish you mention, major followers, and support from Twitter

As someone who has actually taken on the establishment on Twitter and gotten censored, here is what generally happens:

  • Your followers get deleted and you get shadowbanned so people cannot search for you, see your replies, and your followers can’t even see your tweets unless they click on your profile
  • Your tweets get likes deleted, retweets deleted, replies and interactions deleted (I saw this in real time and took screenshots to prove it back then)
  • You get “randomly” suspended for violating Twitter’s ToS and when you inquire why Twitter suspended your account, they never answer
  • You actually get blocked by Twitter themselves so you cannot contact their customer service and raise any issues
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There are rumors it is SBF and he is working on taking over LUNA. I heard on Telegram he is buying and planning a massive burn.

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you guys are pushing too far…

Do you really think Twitter actually have time to focus on fatman? Fatman got some exposure and even bad one like the one you doing now is brining him visibility…

Nevertheless Fatman seem to be a smart guy who try to help…


Another red flag for “Fatman” - they frequently switch between British and American spellings of words, which would indicate a cross-border team behind this account, most likely intelligence services.

Apologize = American spelling
Honour, Favour, Calibre = British spellings

Most “normal people without connections and power,” especially those who are as “intelligent” as Fatman, do not frequently make such mistakes and continually switch between British and American English, unless they work in a world that might require them to.

His recent posts about being a hero who will expose corruption and anonymously go down “for the people” are written like QAnon crap.


Nah, don’t overthink it now. He’s probably European, we are taught British spellings at school here, but we end up learning American ones by other means, which easily generates a blend of both


Considering he is going to bed at around 10-11 AM European time, he is most likely based in the Western Hemisphere (US, Canada, Cayman Islands, Epstein Island?). Again all signs point to intelligence. But nice try.

Yeah everyone, don’t overthink a totally suspect account which suddenly came from nowhere to “expose corruption,” suddenly got 22k Twitter followers (still at a rate of 2 per second and has added 5k followers since this thread began), who had hundreds of likes on his first tweet, suddenly had Vitalik supporting his proposal, suddenly has whistleblowers coming to him with leaks, is trying pin all blame on Terra and DK while calling for their imprisonment, is totally ignoring the KYCed criminals that launched the attack to depeg UST from Binance and Gemini, routinely switches between British and American English, speaks like QAnon, all while calling themselves “a normal person with no connections and power.”

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Don’t care much whi he is. Not saying how to vite either, just on basis if I agree with a proposal or not.

Is this true or just bull?

I was just saying for the mixed spellings part lol, it could be for several reasons, I agreed with the rest.

If you have ever used Twitter before and actually challenged the establishment, you would know they routinely go after and censor accounts that are much smaller than Fatman’s whether old or new, with as little as zero followers - so yes if Fatman actually posed any credible threat against the establishment, “they would have time for him,” freeze his account until he gave them a real phone number (not a VOIP burner), then blacklist him by his phone number.

Fatman’s grasp of the English language and its various idioms is too advanced to simply be other than native British and American (even advanced for 99% of them). I don’t think Fatman for example is German with English as his second language. So if he was a normal British or American guy, he would not be confusing the spellings so often. This is one reason I believe the account has an intelligence apparatus behind it. Not only do we see different American and British spellings, but also British and American phrases/grammar in different places.

From my perspective, it appears the primary motive of this Fatman account is to pin blame on DK and Terraform Labs and to either eliminate Luna altogether or wrestle control of the Terra ecosystem out of their hands into the attackers’ hands who would then be hailed as the heroes that bailed out and saved Luna.

This anti-competitive behavior (attacking competition to take it over or eliminate it altogether) is extremely common in the so-called “free markets” and is the primary reason why we have central banks with their legal tender laws that dictate what must be used as money and their vassals at major corporations controlling everything.

Update, account is still getting 1 follower per 2 seconds, 30 per minute, and 1,800 per hour exact on heavily censored Twitter since its last QAnon-like posts to “reveal the truth” (except the identity of the KYCed attackers of course).

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You can buy followers and chose the option for seller to add them slowly over a longer period of time so it doesn’t look fake. This option costs more than adding bunch of followers at once.

You can literally see the propaganda campaign ramping up in realtime while Fatman “sleeps.” 10,000 new followers in the last 6 hours. Let me guess what is going to happen - by the time he wakes up he’ll have 30-40k followers for when he makes his “big revelation.” These 30-40k followers will like and retweet the propaganda to make it spread like wildfire right before the fork, in essence killing Terra 2.0, and maybe even bringing on regulation.

Fatman also made over 200 Tweets in one day or >10 tweets per waking hour on a workday. Another red flag, especially considering the fact Twitter marks your account for spam if you tweet too much in a short period of time.

Another Red Flag - Fatman claims someone in his circle “took the rope” the night before he created his account and his first post being a proposal. This in fact, bothered him so much, he had the mental state and time to create a proposal to save small retail investors. Who believes this stuff? This is a total con.


Seems sensible to remain cautious and not blindly follow a new idol. That said, the amount of information being disseminated suggests there is a team working alongside FatMan. Having a spearhead account cuts through the mass of information and creates a single coherent voice. Considering the interest, no doubt it will garner a mass of followers.

If he is working with a team perhaps the account is editing and posting from those sources too - would explain the 200 tweets in one day, and the occasional switch of spelling?

I hear your point. But be careful not to push too hard and fast with this counter narrative too.

I believe him 100%


Yes, 100% trust in new anonymous boosted Twitter accounts who are doing their damn best to divert attention away from the real crime of KYCed attackers being allowed to launch attacks from Binance, Gemini, and Twitter, violating the terms and conditions of all three platforms for days without having their accounts frozen or suspended.

Why doesn’t Fatman talk about the fact the KYCed attackers were allowed to violate the ToS of all three platforms without repercussion?


Fatman is a guy who lost some UST before/after the crash… Came up with a proposal ( like many others ) to benefit all the UST holders including himself, ofcourse. Got decent visibility as people are clueless and aimless at this point. His bogus proposal gave the UST holders some hope. Now they consider all his comments “Divine” for some reason. Like they’d even cheer and applaud if Fatman farted right now. That’s it. Fatman is actually a Fat man somewhere in the world, sitting in a basement, acting all smug.Enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.