Why do you want to reduce the tax system?

I don’t know what their purpose is.
Protecting the whales? rather freshly passed and overwhelmingly in an unprecedented way … and why ignore it ? .Who guarantees that when you reduce it, the volume will be 10 times every day? we have the opportunity, give it time … there are very good works rpeg ustc vs etc …

Anyone can offer a proposal including those who don’t want Luna to recover, governments, other rogue blockchains, etc.

What I am wondering is why does tr reject his offer… Who can guarantee that it will be better by changing the current system… If the volume does not increase, we will return to my 1,2 tax system 6 times again… Who will accept this? ustc can fix this, why doesn’t he think about it … VERY OBSTACLE HE SAYS IT WILL BE WHAT I SAID MUST HAVE … DON’T AGREE WHEN SOMEONE DOES SOMETHING BETTER

You can upload a proposal and see if you succeed or lose the money because it has been vetoed. It all depends on the community