Would UST still exist if forking happened on 26th May 22?

One thing not clear from Do Kwon “Terra Revival Plan v2” is whether UST would still exist after the forking date on 27th May (and what will happen to those token holders after that, still 1B USD worth of UST market cap now).

Also how much total compensation in $usd LFG would pay out to UST holders and what size of fund would deemed as “small holders” and whether those UST users in CEX currently would be compensated too.

Any comment?


In my opinion and as far as I understood Do Kwon proposal, UST would exist on the current (classic Terra (LUNAC)) chain, where on the new chain (new Luna), UST wouldnt. Obviously, I might be wrong, because I assume both Classic Luna and new Luna would run / exist on the same chain -TERRA. Regarding second your question, I think compensation would have “Ceiling” (maximum payout). Like if you had 10K UST before the DAO Attack, and the ceiling is set to maximum 50k USD, then they (LFG) would compensate 10K USD. And for those who had more than 50k, like 100k - more, for them, compensation would not exceed maximum payout amount - 50K USD. Once again, I might be wrong due to lack of provided information and news from Do Kwon. And this is just my personal insight.

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Thanks for the reply. But issue with that is the whales can create 100 terra station wallets each with 10k usd, so in that case, LFG would have this whale 1mil while the small wallet user with 10k? Referring to your illustrations above.

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it’s not really possible cause with Blockchain we can see provenance everything is tracked :slight_smile: and it would be a gread idea if the team catch a whale doing that
(creating some multi wallet of 50k ust to spread 500k ust in 10 wallets to be fully refund of the ten wallets)
that they decided a punishement of no refund at all for scamer! Always punish the scamer now should be the rules Number one !
And by so refund first the little :slight_smile:
If a lot of littles are happy then they spread the world then it’s a good affect then we talk about LUNA UST DOknow and its good for all more supporter more user more marketing more life more people involved and then refund the bigger :slight_smile:
This is my ideas

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If Im not mistaken, LFG compensation is limited to 1B Usd. Meaning, that they have just 1B to distribute as the compensation. Therefore, what concerns just UST holders, LFG likely to use snapshot of the day before DAO attack. (I might be wrong)

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The way I see it is yes it will exist. But there will be no fork for it, nor will it be a part of the new Luna.

It will basically be abandoned and left to the LUNA Classic.

Judging by the lack of any mention of UST or LUNA Classic moving forward, I feel that they will essentially abandon them allowing them to continue on their own. Look at Etherium Classic

This is why I am trying to propose a leadership bid to ensure UST & LUNAC not only continue but will have future developments and burns to help increase their value.

CEX users are in a sticky spot from what I read. I think it’s really up to the exchanges on distribution.

There was no mention of what constitutes a “small investor” that was purposely done imo.

See my plan summary for some of the details,

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