8 steps proposal

This 8 steps proposal: 8 Steps to Save Luna now - Economic Refactoring Proposal from industry professionals

This is the best way out of the current mess. It is a good solution and fair to everyone without ant anti crypto rollbacks.

The proposal is explained in the link. You can vote on the proposal here:

For people that have their coins on an exchange like Binance, this is what you have to do in order to vote:

  1. Install Terra Luna wallet: How to create a Terra Station wallet in 5 minutes | by Juan | Medium

  2. Send your Luna to your wallet address. If you never did this, make sure to first only send a small amount to check the transaction works correctly. If you manage to get this small amount in your wallet, than do it again with the rest of your Luna. The more Luna in your wallet, the more your vote matters.

  3. Go to this link: Terra Station and click on ‘connect’ to connect your wallet. When your connection is established, click on ‘vote’ and vote whatever you prefer.