[Proposal] Get to know rules of the game and how to play it well [Please read]

  1. All proposals need to create and voted in the above link [Terra Station], under “Governance”

  2. Total votes are 604.57m now (Luna holders are the majority)

  3. Need 40% quorum (241.8m votes) & a majority vote [50.1%] to push through your proposal (121.16m votes)

  4. If we can gather 121.2m votes (Luna burn rate per transaction @ 0.1% supporters), the burn rate proposal can pass through

  5. All we need is 121.2m votes

  6. Whoever own 121.2m voting right, you are the major shareholder for Terra Ecosystem actually, not Do Kwon

  7. Say “No” to UST2 or Luna2, that’s the reason why Do Kwon and his team want to create UST2 and Luna2, because they are no longer the major shareholders for Terra Ecosystem

  8. Please help to get one of the big Shots - CZ or other big and reliable guys to buy up 121.2m, he or she can do the restructuring for all of us and bring us out of this mess


Can help to share it in twitter and other social media? Tag CZ Binance or anyone that you can trust, ask the white knight come in to help us

All we need is 121.2m votes

But it looks like luna is burning already

The price still low @ 0.00021

You are mad

The former major shareholders made a bad move, sent everyone to hell, now trying to play tricks to get themselves out with their new terms, when they are no longer holding the majority votes in hands

Their UST2 and Luna2 proposal doesn’t sound right to me


are you sure or is it the transaction thing? Cos many thought Luna was burning but it turned out to be the transaction thing.

How could Luna is burning now, when the price is at 0.00021 now? This is a super low price

People still dont know Terra Community Decision Making must be supported by the majority votes @ 121.2m votes

Luna holders, please don’t let others fool you, you hold the votes and probably got higher voting right than Do Kwon now

burns to the wormhole bridge…so they have not started burning. Just check coingecko now and then.

At this low price @ 0.00021, nothing is being done yet

Please help to get the attention of CZ or other big shots, they can take over the community by buying up the votes in the market

Well now you are just spreading misinformations. This is the official Terra twitter account: https://twitter.com/terra_money/status/1525821041586556929?cxt=HHwWgsCq6eaJ56wqAAAA

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May not be official terra twitter, but what about the information it share? I just share what I have seen, may be someone can proof the info is wrong and misleading

I thought I could share my whole LUNA experience of the last few days.

1st off LUNA is overvalued right now…just feed the numbers into any online market cap calculator. They have a chance to buy it back IF they act quick (for real cheap.) I bet they even have enough buy power still to buy a bunch, sell it off cheap like they did last time…crash the price and buy it back for free. I was on the exchange when the crash happened. The price was at 84.5 CAD and then I witnessed something I never saw before in my life while buying LUNA. Usually the limit buys and sells are pretty low volume…you know…one LUNA or .25 etc. At 84.5 being the LOWEST sell price at the moment suddenly 10000 LUNA come up for sale! Were they even close to 84.5? No it was like a flash 50% sale. I watched as the bots came in and broke up the LUNA into 40.01, 40.02, 40.03 and so on. Every time we thought there was a bottom there would be more massive numbers of LUNA undercutting everything. It was insanity! How can anyone compete with an algorithm that has nothing to lose? YOU CAN’T.

My LUNA before de-list was worth 14000.00 CAD. After the de-list it was worth 42 dollars. I am using de-list as that was really the end of the road…or so we thought. Now any Joe can compete with my 6032721 LUNA for 2000 CAD. Nice huh? BTW I did DCA all the way down and I still own my worthless LUNA. Please help us if you can. I feel like I have been totally manipulated by an algorithm and I am telling everyone to stay as far away from LUNA right now until this is fixed. Buy and burn…get it over with already…and fix that algorithm so nobody can crash it again…should be simple!!!

Rules of the game now is very simple, whoever can gather 121.2m votes can decide the direction of this community

It needs to be staked Luna to be eligible to vote, currently 600 million in total controlled by validators mostly

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