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Sir, this is a casino, behind a Mac dank dumpster.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: what a great reply

@mc_ust you are restricting new users from participating ?

hey, i have some luna on the terra-harmony bridge on 5/11/22,these funds havent yet appeared on harmony.I cant post on reddit or join discord in order to seek help from somebody,what can i do?

For real i have some bridging problems with funds locked in terra bridge for more than 6 days.I have no access to terras reddit,discord and i cant post here to get help.This feels really awfull

I really hope the team can help me in some way as Im at the point of depsair. Wrote an article about my situation with LUNA. If anyone can spare a few minutes to read it, share, and provide some hope in any way please please reach out to me at @etchpea on twitter I will send you the link.

Hi @Everyone here

Spread The Message!

Getting the Exchanges to do the same as MEXC will help the most for LUNC.

So what you can do is spread the Message as i did here…

9gag( dot )com/gag/a91N10W

Spread it everywhere!

Exchanges will be the Hero’s if they join that plan!