Binance Please review this

Create a Terra station telegram, discord channel. Attract the Binance community to channels before voting

Ask users who vote on the telegram discord pages created to prevent binance from cheating in the voting, take screenshots and share them. In this case, there is a situation where possible cheats will come to light, if any cheating is used, share these images on all social media accounts.


Without changing the parameters and settings again, please create a network that includes all lunc ustc anc luna users and gather the community together, we can only come this far with the scattered community and a segment of people who do not listen to you.
After the users are collected, request to send every lunc received from my old offer, stake, to the burn address.
Those who want to do it freely can burn as much as they want, if they don’t want it, ask them to send the terms they get from the stake to burn the stake repeating supply edition, but there is already information about how much it will be on the exchanges and there is already a section reserved for staking.

We should stop asking everyone else help, and just help ourselves. Burn tax is not working.

It is necessary to gather the community, not the greedy, anc owners ustc owners lunc owners luna owners The people who will lead the community on the defi are the founders and administrators here now. This community is in a position to establish a country