Add Grid Algorthmic Trading to the Terra Platform

An amazing dApp would be grid trading to allow the buying of luna, mir, anc (on terra station) with various strategies using currency (UST) or other trading pairs such as Luna/MIR, Luna/ANC, or Luna/mASSETS:

  1. arithmetic grid algorithm (with a HODL mode to “take profit” in the desired asset such as luna)
  2. geometric grid algorithm (with a HODL mode to “take profit” in the desired asset such as luna)
  3. DCA buying of Luna (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)

I would like to see Terra Station essentially receive grid trading capabilities similar to an exchange such as (a great grid trading feature set) or Kucoin.

Grid trading would create a lot of transaction fees for the system while allowing the community to benefit from luna volatility. Grid trading via UST pairs would also increase demand for UST.

Of course more native CSV exports for tax purposes would also be critical.

Grid algorithms could “auto-invest” assets coming in via interest earnings or daily rewards (auto-harvest).

A “dip buying algorithm” for mAssets would also be amazing. Whatever mAssets that you are interested in would be purchased automatically daily based on whichever asset drops the most daily or based on specific % drops. This way I could essentially dolllar cost average into a variety of mAssets quite safely and optimized for best value.

I would suspect this would quickly become one of the most popular features on terra station besides the addition of direct fiat onramps. A quick visit to gate or kucoin will quickly show you implementations of grid trading systems.