Is there a future for UST and LUNC?

Is there an intention to repeg UST and to fix the algorithm with LUNC? Or are both coins abandoned projects waiting to disappear?


Absolutely no future. We need to organize for a class action lawsuit. Coinbase inpacted UST customers YOU CAN REACH OUT TO your local US senators as a starting step. A simple google will provide you a list of senators in your area.

You can also reach out to SEC and FBI and crypto news reporters.

The firums are being heavily scrutinized. We need to bring our voice out.


I would like to suggest you read the community guidelines. FAQ - Terra Research Forum

Also the terms of service Terms of Service - Terra Research Forum. I have banned someone for number 5 earlier today.

forget lunc,nobody cares now,even the dev team.
let life move on,seeking for another one.

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LUNA 2.0 has enough residual value that they can pay for project support for at least the next year. LUNC/UST can last a couple months if they stay vocal on Twitter.

Isn’t LUNC spinning up their own stuff (like their new subreddit)? I would have thought LUNA would keep what they had, and the new classic community would create its own pages/discord/forums etc?


USTC holders own the same coins they always did. If they can find a way for the market to pay them $1 USD for each coin, more power to them. But no holder has a claim on any assets Terra may own. The 2.0 airdrop was a nice gesture though.

Thankfully most didn’t invest more in crypto than they were prepared to lose. But still a lot of people have a better understanding of the difference between asset-backed (like USDC) and algorithmic (like USTC) stablecoins are now.

(Side note: I can’t believe people watched USTC’s Death Spiral… and still want to put money into USDD? Madness!)

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That’s been a question that has been asked to death. Just do a search on Agora here or Dr. Google for more opinions.

I have my reservations trying to balance it with hopes, however little my hopes are.

  1. Is burning the extra LUNC the only thing to be done? This appears to be the main gist of countless proposals. Even I, was for burning the extra supply out there. However, the other side of me read - TRILLIONS - of LUNC.

Now, how long is that going to take to burn? Where’s the enormous cost of burning the extra supply? Even if some CEX has stepped up to burn the extra supply, for how long can they do that? 1 year? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? What incentives are there for them to concentrate on burning only one cryptocurrency to save it?

  1. I don’t know the exact number of developers whom have hopped to Luna 2.0 but I am of the belief - a significant number of them - if not all. Who else will still be developing based on LUNC? Or like how some analysts have questioned, what is the purpose of LUNC existence right now?

When I try to think about it, it’s a grim picture for the future. Personally I wouldn’t be too surprised if exchanges starts de-listing LUNC. Maybe not now, but in the near future?

You ban for much less lmao I hope someone creates thousands of topics with bots and will have fun watching you all bastards closing & deleting them all one by one haha


I think its pretty clear what fuckers did

they sold 1.8 billion UST for bitcoin to 3AC and couple other investment firms then exploited the peg algorithm in turn killing their own stable

what future are we talking about?

These fucks are virtually gone with everyones money. the best they can do is hand over the governing rights to the classic team.

I dont know why they refuse to though

What difference does it make anyway?

Its over and they are gone.

What sense is in creating LUNA 2? Or LUNA 3? Or LUNA 4? Why not just be gone with money?

Why not just abandon and desert this space

All I can say is, fuckers wont live another year

They will be found

They got ONLY 280000 personal enemies now in korea alone


Ha ha ha


Go for it, we have a new forum being made anyway.

A new forum for Terra 2.0 or Terra Classic?

Terra 2

Because of the total abandonment and lack of any guidance concerning LUNC and USTC, I hope to see LUNA 2 crash so badly that no traces of it can be found 16 zeros after the decimal place. I’ll gladly watch it and pay the price of my vesting LUNA 2 for the satisfaction of seeing the very bad decision makers get punished for their inaction. They haven’t demonstrated any class or responsibility whatsoever. Only then might they return their focus back to where it should have remained, on the original, to attempt to stabilize it and try to get some recovery happening, if it’s not too late by then.

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With misdeed of DK surfacing daily, it’s best to part way with him altogether.

The missing BTC
Shadow Wallets which manipulated voting results

It’s now adding up.

I am not saying it is really the case for Terra but just taking a reference from the previous Chai money he was involved in. What was done back then? It was about destroying evidence.

Similarly here, DK will not be able to hand over the entire Terra structure as it is. Putting myself in his shoes, if there are evidence within, chances are slim I will ever hand over LUNC to anybody only for evidence to be flashed openly. Not until I get rid of critical evidence at least.

Whatever the case may be, the ones eho still vote for luna classic and ustc should be as vocal as possible.
Trading volume is still very high, considering that those that can decide wish to destroy V1, I dont see how this can happen quietly, how can it ve done quietly?

Better for Terra team to hand over V1 rights to the community and be ready to face the competition created by the classic, the other option of disabling V1 would be terrible PR.

If they decide to destroy V1 for good, the anguer of the raging mobs will turn to hate and i cannot guess the consequences.

I myself still have hundreds of dollars worth of classic… will they trap us?
Don’t we matter at all?


We must plce this at the level wallstreetbets made with Gamestop and show that retail got enough power if united. Clearly huge short orders are benefiting from the depressed prices and bad PR.
We could bankrupt the players if we could reverse the trend!
Clearly there manipulation.
Volume is huge in the downtrend, imagine if we could reverse and return hope to the average people out there.

This wouldnbe true rise from the ash, not the joke fo Luna 2.


Why not peg UST at 0.01 cents? there is no difference, and might even be better to be pegged at 0.01? the original dollar is also pegged at a debt, think about it…

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Give back the money to UST holders before depeg, that should be your main priority now until you sort it out. Nobody trusts you anymore, your claims on the STABLECOIN turned out to be false, misleading and brought to disaster, ruining thousands of people.
Give back the money then you can hope to gain some trust from YOUR community.
Do Kwon do your part instead of before continuing with any further moves and be very careful with what you say from now on, you were disgraceful.

2.0 is 0 interest and trust, de listings soon. Ever lunc have better volumes and interest.

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