Evidence of why Luna Classic > Luna V2.0

As everybody knows if you buy UST right now instead of buying LUNA, you will have a bigger share in Terra 2.0. Nevertheless, if you examine the markets you notice that while the price of Luna remains steady, the price of UST continues plummeting. So that means people don’t try to acquire LUNA 2.0, because they simply don’t trust Terra team who failed to rescue their own projects. Creating a new token with that infamous reputation means new coin will be valueless unless they try to revive Luna Classic and compensate UST victims.


I don’t think it’s necessary for everyone to be arguing, because they are all for themselves, what everyone should do is to sell luna and abandon the project, making old coins and new coins worthless, because most of the validators are most of them in Become a validator at $1, then the fork will airdrop a similar proportion of new coins to them, they still hold control, and as long as the new coins are at the same price of $1, they can get back most of their losses, really The people who lost were the people who bought after listing, however the value of those new coins simply can’t make up for the people we bought after $1, because the value of the new coin has no evidence that he has value at all

Mathematically it makes no sense… current $Luna price corrected for 1 billion circulation is around $1… so unless you think Luna V2 will be higher than $1 at launch there is no point especially with 2 year vesting in force with just 100m allocation.


I don’t think many realize that $UST gets you more $LUNA2 to be honest, lmao

I think most people by now realize that- at least in the massive crypto communities I’m a part of do.

It’s exactly what the OP said above - All of us have our fears that 2.0 will succeed and are currently on the fence about giving up our LUNA tokens when we’ll get to keep both LUNA and the NEW Luna - insuring both positions.

It is likely that UST is going to be d-listed here soon! (Again, speculation - based on CZ’s remarks on twitter!) - Which will also trigger a bit of a downpour.

With that said - I’ve seen wilder recoveries happen and LUNA could still see a solid climb if something positive happens within it’s current ecosystem.

I think a lot of us are just not ready to let go of that hope - even if it’s only 5% more of a gain - at this point, it’s still a gamble either direction!

UST is broken and it will be dumped right after the fork… but there will be absolutly no demand which mean no value…

Luna might have still some value and still some liquidity to d u m p ur coins after the fork…

I prefer to bet on Luna than UST…

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Notice how it’s being dumped now that it’s been confirmed it’s being de-listed from exchanges? Binance isn’t far behind! It’s a gamble either direction as I stated above.

I still have no idea what to do with my tokens! Am i able to move them to 2.0 and will they be worth per each one i hold at the starting price when launched? Currently I have moved them from Binance to Terra Station. But so confused at best way to go from here. I will not let go of them - I believe Terra will recover so no smartbutt comments, please, on getting out. I am keeping the faith and would rather be pointed in the best direction for doing that. :blush:

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I won’t give you any ‘smartbutt’ comments since you said you don’t want them.

Before the crash, there were several things to do with Luna tokens; on the Terra chain and through the IBC. On Terra chain, most people I believe did arbitraging through Luna-bLuna. (never done this myself); some others who liked the chain, like myself, did plain staking which gave something from 5% (pre-Columbus5) to 9% or a bit more. I believe there were also liquidity pools where you can provide liquidity with Luna to gain APY (LP rewards are usually higher than arbitraging or staking).

Off-chain, you could go to IBC-enabled chains like Osmosis, Sifchain or Crescent to provide liquidity there. But IBC transfers are off now, and even if they came back on, it’s not sure if the IBC dexes would provide incentives for liquidity for Luna v2, what with the recent troubles and all.

In conclusion- you can’t do any of those now. Stay tight until the governance proposal passes (or not) and you will get more information.


I hold quite a few Luna Tokens now. Since the price is too low and not pumping im not selling them.

What happens to these Luna tokens (Future Luna classic) post 27th of this month?

Will they disappear and we will only hold Airdrops (if we are eligible to receive) ?

Very confusing wheather to hold current luna tokens although i might get very little of new tokens via Airdrop.
Airdrop tokens may not help me as they dont match my investment (considering the % that will be given).

So only Hope is Existing Luna tokens. It will never Pump untill there is a BURN in Circulationg supply.
Is there any news on BURN for current Lune tokens post 27th May?

Please help.

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Thank you, PowerSlime!! :+1::+1::+1:

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