Agora goes to read-only mode

Due to the transition of this forum to read-only mode as of June 1, 2023 (Transition of Terra Classic community channels to read-only ) proposes that the community agree on which new forum they want to use as the main one. This will help with future discussions and proposals. We will avoid discussions in many places at once.

There are 2 suggestions:

  2. Commonwealth

Write in the comments:
1 if
2 if Commonwealth
T if both forums at once
N if you don’t have an opinion

If you want, add a short comment, but don’t make a discussion.
Remember that this is not binding and only our comfort of work matters. Regardless of what you choose, you can still use the other forum, and in a week you can go somewhere else. It will also not be voted on by stations because it does not affect the blockchain.

I do think the classic-agora is still the best place for future discussions and proposals. if not agora I’ll go with 2.Commonwealth forum.

Same here, the TR Developed Agora is managed and span out of the Classic Agora codebase so it’s identical to this one.

Commonwealth if all else fails…

I create this forum just in case we dont make a decision



We created our forums as a means to support our infrastructure and Rebel Station app, it only made sense for us to also have a governance section for people to post / discuss their proposals and reference them back in Rebel Station when putting them up for vote.

With that being said, I don’t entirely think it really matters where these discussions take place, since the URL to the proposal discussion will be referenced in the proposal on the station wallet app anyways, and if people are truly worried about censorship, then post the proposal in multiple locations / forums and reference all of them in station.

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Commonwealth. It’s more democratized and decentralized.

Rebel forum covers TR’s projects, which is fine. It’s a forum with a specific focus. But for general governance discussions Commonwealth is better imo.

Just my 2 cents, everyone’s free to use whatever they like.