Transition of Terra Classic community channels to read-only

From 1 June 2023, this forum, along with the following channels will transition to read-only mode:

  1. ‘Terra Classic - $LUNC’ Telegram group chat (Telegram: Contact @TerraLunaChat),
  2. Terra Classic Discord (Discord), and
  3. ‘Terra Classic Agora’ forum (

This decision comes after careful consideration and the recognition that the new LUNC community has had sufficient time to establish their grassroots communities and leaders, one year since the UST depeg incident.

During this transitional period, we have closely followed the progress and achievements of the Terra Classic community, and we are proud to highlight several notable accomplishments, including:

  1. Independent Wallet Creation: We are pleased to witness the development of an independent wallet that fully supports Terra Classic. The Terra Rebels team has launched a user-friendly wallet, available at
  2. Coordination of Chain Upgrades: The LUNC community has demonstrated its commitment to advancing the Terra Classic ecosystem by successfully coordinating chain upgrades. Notably, the Proposal for the v2.0.1 Upgrade has showcased the community’s engagement in the governance process: Rebel Station.
  3. Migration of Classic Infrastructure: We are delighted to see the migration of Classic Infrastructure from TFL to AllNodes: This transition ensures increased resilience within the Terra Classic network. Further details on this migration can be found at
  4. Diverse Community Channels: In addition to the Terra Classic - $LUNC Telegram group chat and the Terra Classic Agora, the community has established various other channels to foster engagement and collaboration. The Luna Classic Community (Telegram: Contact @classicluna) and TerraCVita (Telegram: Contact @TerracVitaCommunity) serve as vibrant hubs for discussions, knowledge sharing, and connection building among community members.

As we transition these channels to read-only mode, we encourage all community members to actively engage with community channels, and other emerging platforms within the Terra Classic community. By fostering decentralized interactions and empowering grassroots leadership, we believe this transition will enable the community to further shape the future of Terra Classic.

Moving forward, please look to the following channels for information relating to Terra Classic:

Thank you.

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