Terra Classic should build a website and lead to a forum page

Apparently the Terra team has abandoned Terra Classic, and now they don’t even have a web page left for us, so I think a separate Terra Classic website should be created and directed to a forum page, which is the first step,


Good idea, can you create a website?

2.0 ended soon. We back to classic.


i’ll do it


This forum runs off Discourse so we could just self-host that too

Good idea. @Deathstar_Daddy , would you please incorporate this in your upcoming organizational roadmap

Classic Luna Plan's Forum - Página principal please start registering and advance by opening proposals for categories and forums, moderators will be needed for the moment you can put your proposals and experiences in “Site Feedback forum” so we can build a safe forum made by all with good organization and moderation and finally stop getting a cloud of separate ideas that go nowhere.

we will build the general and explicit rules of moderation among all

@Deathstar_Daddy doesn’t represent our community yet does he? He can’t spell Ethereum (‘Etherium’) or parameter (‘parimeter’), he likens himself to Zelensky and Elon Musk, and his posts generally consist of a bunch of common sense waffling - and no actual content.

We need a technical leader, not a crypto wannabe. We don’t need a cult personality derailing a LUNC revival, especially one that proved he could not connect with validators when trying to push through his initial plan.

He has no money, no connections, no industry track record, and is not technical. Just bear that in mind when you start looking for a leader. Or we go leaderless per @Vegas.


There has been a community website domain secured, as well as social media markers set up already. They have not been launched yet, which is why the addresses have not been publicly made.

I am only updating this thread to ensure that we don’t end up with multiple websites /Social media platforms causing freagmentation and confusion amungst token holders.

Just need a bit of patience, as the group needs time to set them up properly.

Also regarding my roadmap, I have updated it (with this info and more), but Agora wont let me edit the post now so I will have to create a new one once I finish road map details.


Great :+1:
All these cumulative efforts will bring a great outcome.

i agree this guy only want to promote himself


No one is going to be leader of LUNC and that includes me. I am part of a group that is working VERY hard to make changes needed to rebuild. LUNC will become a community.

This is actually not true btw (not that it matters in this case). A leader of an organization needs to lead. Some developers make good leaders but in reality most do not. 85% of all projects fail within the first year, and not because of the quality of the project but because on how it was lead. Leadership is always a team effort and a leader is only as good as the people standing with them.

While I am not an expert I do have knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology. I am an experienced team leader, and have both a technical and financial background.



the process or state of breaking or being broken into small or separate parts. “the fragmentation of society into a collection of interest groups”

I WAS literally tagged here to respond lol so I did. What part of self promotion am I doing here? I answered a question to help. Lol

Actually we need a new official governing body with a spokesperson. Otherwise, exchanges will not hear you. @Deathstar_Daddy proposed his ideas with detailed visible roadmap to save Luna Classic as well as who faced a great loses. Besides these, he adopted all community members ideas and incorporated his roadmap accordingly.

If you have any ideas with visible roadmap to save Luna Classic, you should propose. It would be great !


I think others should question you because you didn’t put it into action, but just say that if you have the ability, it’s good to go out hard, which not only needs to be put into action but also speeds up the time.

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Give the bloke a break, Deathstar_Daddy is trying to make strawberry jam out of pigs shit, right or wrong slagging off at someone is not in the best interests for anyone here, I’m all for criticism but make it constructive criticism, working together could end up being a WIN WIN for everyone.


In any case, the new fund of the community must be CO-managed by a third-party company when exceed $10million, which can be the Bank of the United States, Binance exchange… All strength but both not a team and person!