Agree on the reason for the fork

Agree to fork If repurchase and burning are not enough, the team does not have that much money, and the whales purchased at the bottom may be sold at any time. Only the fork can better distribute to those who return to 0

Many whales at the bottom have hundreds of billions of luna, if the team buys back, it is equivalent to sending money guys

Everyone is unfortunate, they don’t want to fork, but things have happened, many people regard the current luna as a meme, and the previous investors have returned to 0. If burning and buybacks can solve the problem, then Do kwon will not want to fork


Billions of tokens are waiting to get sold :joy:

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Fork is not a solution it is a abdication, if you want Terra to be destroyed fork it yes


@4rchiTech 100% even cz shares the same sentiment. Hr know how to build and RUN billion $$ business SUCCESFULLY…maybe when he chimes in do should listen


Terra manager will end up in prison for fork, because they would literally steal billions of USD from investors of last days. Do Kwon included. This would mean real end of Terra.

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What are going to do with forked coins if the new coins will still be zero? You cannot create value by means of fork.


Blockchain remembers all transactions.
At the moment I do not need profit.
I would rather stay in the project for the amount I spent on support during the collapse.
And this is 10% of my deposit.
It would not be fair to leave people like me overboard, while the “investors” ran like rats from the ship, gnawing holes in it and taking the rest of the grain from the hold.

Unfortunately, many speculators have already been allowed to earn.
And I can be left with nothing.


No need to fork, if Luna team is willing to help.

My thoughts:

  1. Remove the UST stable coin algorithm.
  2. Buy back all the Luna. (Use your BTC reserve)
  3. Burn the Luna until we will be at the acceptable level of circulation
  4. Institute a UST refund plan. (May take a long time)


  • If you deflate the Luna most likely people will retain it
  • Having a plan to refund both Luna and UST is twice the job
  • Luna team (c/o Do Kwon) are willing to help.

The current luna is also 0 for the previous investors, and it is extremely difficult to even return to 1 US dollar

It is quite possible to connect exchange robots, which for a meager price (without raising it) will redeem the moon.
Almost all weak hands and speculators will scatter.
And those who carried away their profits on the collapse are to blame themselves. It’s a market… and it’s up to everyone to take losses.
Of course, there will be cunning people who will save a lot of coins.
Therefore, a thorough analysis of transactions across all exchanges is needed.
Both are a lot of time and work.
This will not be done)
And a lot of people have already earned money these days (

Binance wont list the new fork. Because Do Kwon will be screwing a lot of people if he forks.

CZ will protect the community from this new fork.

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Agree on fork.

It’s the only way to recover.

A couple months ago, in real-life, exchange cancel deals as well.

Buying back LUNA does not help in anyway, it’s about buying the UST below 1$ !!!

If the “overhead” of UST has vanished / is burned, the Luna supply will decrease dramatically (due to swaps in high ratio)

they, the old leaders gradually to the disaster of Luna are looking for a fork to regain ownership after running away and fooling all the investors and former holders. They continued to trick new holders into trying DCA to save Luna. Get rid of the fork option immediately with all your might, and boycott Luna v2 if it ever comes out because they’ll be printing Luna 2 and taking advantage of the community again.
The most important question right now: Where are the Bitcoins and Luna’s reserves and the Luna leaders are responsible for the destruction of the reserve and decided to print Luna on these investors.;

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Complete capitulation

A fork can be explored if buy and burn doesnt work. Fork isnt a viable first option. Nobody will list it and people who are down are immediately dumping

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The price doesn’t matter, TVL is.

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I would also dump it for sure

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100% burn the damn luna