NO FORK- Buy and Burn

We all get FORKED if they fork! Then there will be anger and lawsuits for years. I personally will abandon our project we’ve been working on and go to SOL.

Everyone can make money if the Buy and avg down with Do and the Team promoting their support of Terra as it is today! How can anyone be mad if they can buy for less than a penny and it’s trading at $1 next week??

Turn a bad situation into a great story, just indexed at a lower price!!!

But it’s even bigger than that. The entire crypto space will be damaged if this happens.

Do needs to get in the trenches with us and buy next to us. Or else it feels like the big guys screw the little guys again!!! My Opinion


exactly, even CZ suggested that they burn, instead they ignore the community’s proposal which 99% of them supports simple burning mechanism to deflate things!


Absolutely! Buy back and Burn


Yes, I mean look at CZ new tweet about Luna!


Nubits did it for year to try recover pegs… but its failed …it only few milion $ to bring pegs back but… so who will spend bilion $ for ust ?:grinning:


Check it out then. You will like this proposal.


I think maybe you are on to something, but maybe a tweak or two. Dedicate the 1% or even 1.5% tax to auto buy of UST??
I do think UST can be saved at the same time. So we buy buy buy and burn burn burn LUNA and UST will follow.
This is what the market wants!!! Look at the charts right now, people have hope, just need to team on board publicly and it will MOON!

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Thanks :smiley: I’ve made this thread to discuss and create solution that will work for everyone. Check it out and propose some changes there :stuck_out_tongue: Everything will be included in the thread.


I think it’s a good idea. Let’s do some math for reasoning purposes:
assuming a medium 24h trading volume of 3 billion $ (3G$), the daily burning of supply, at 3% burning tax, would be 90M$ that, at 0.0001$ price is 900 billions LUNA (900GLUNA).
The total LUNA excess supply is 6.5 trillion LUNA (6.5TLUNA). How many days to burn this excess supply? Let’s see:

6.5TLUNA/900GLUNA$/day=7 days is a theoric time for burning the excess of supply.
A reasonable time…
If the LUNA price is 0.0005$ (today price) the burning time is 5 fold shorter.


You mixed supply with the cost of one LUNA I think.

Forking will only benefit the VCs the rest of us will get screwed over HARD.


I kind of like this, either way, BURN we must!


Agree and start with these coins

See top 27 addresses in the below link. They own more than 880 Billion tokens. 26 addresses with more than 31B tokens each, same number to the last decimal point. Terra/Luna team should tell us if they have control on these addresses and if yes they should burn these tokens


@dokwon if your here,

Just talk to cz

Everything will be okay.

No fork ,beef plz


I’m in the trenches man, but I’ve helped all I can for now lol. If we here next week I’ll be buying more.

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But as terrible as this situation is, this is how things become decentralized. Little guys like me can become involved.


Use the collateral
Buy and burn


there is no hope without a burning plan


tbh I 100% agree with the proposal, perhaps burn slowly so no one can exit and so that eventually the project and community can benefit. And truth be told I know ust holders got rekt too but no way near as luna’s community, they’ve suffered the most downside afterall

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Buy and burn