An Appeal to Terraform Labs and Terra Builders Alliance



This is an appeal to all individuals who are actually able to cast a substantial vote within the current predicament we are all now in. Most of all, please include the Burn and Remedy fee / tx tax to LUNAcy to turn it into a depreciating asset. At least this way the old blockchain can be in some aspect self-feeding. You all were given many ideas all by people who are all now in damage control mode. This is about as collaborative as you can get short of cutting everyone’s limbs off and then isolating them with each other and telling them to help each other to survive. Thousands of people, a lot from highly professional fields, are all pitching in to contribute to some sort of restitution. Even if most of them are in it for self-interest, in this situation it still benefits the whole in some form or another.

Part of the reason for the voting system change is because the chains, both old and new, will still be vulnerable. Any entity with deep enough pockets will be able to make use of the announced snapshots to acquire a substantial hold on the new chain (if anyone even thinks it’ll be worth much).

Also, if we are just going to end up leaving LUNAc chain up and running, why leave it gimped and with absolutely no ability to recover? That is the ultimate slap in the face to every individual here. If the reason is because the code can’t be changed by anyone outside terraform labs, there are a myriad of ways to confidently hand those permissions over to groups in the terra builders alliance / validators.

If all this is appended, then those that remain could at least work in some way to possibly go from there. Maybe they could set up a community wallet that would skim some of the tx tax to go to paying back affected wallets up to a point via collected LUNA, according to Tiered Repayment 1-1. Or some other form that is contained with the dozens of ideas put up on this forum.

This is an appeal to save some semblance of face, because ultimately I can’t imagine the fallout of wasting all these people’s money and then time by telling them to come here and discuss forward actions, only to ignore them.


Thats the way


DK has spent about two hours over the last sixty days on here: o k w o n/summary

Probably just to write and revise his proposal, with almost zero time reading other proposals.


The sooner the whole community understands this, the more chances there will be to bring to justice everyone who allowed the collapse, for the purpose of profit or for any other purpose, it doesn’t matter, there is a really large number affected people, perhaps even those who committed suicde , but I did not see confirmation of this, I only read from others …


If the whole point is decentralization and hearing all voices, but one person, or one person and a group of people reliant on that person, is able to decide the direction by themselves, then you’re not decentralized.


valuable contribution, +vote

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