[Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction πŸ’Š [PART I]

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It’s impossible because alot of wallets have billions of coins already. You can’t take those from private wallets. You can only buy remaining supply and burn it. No matter what we could never get to original or lower supply, but we could make moves and create something different with Luna Classic and burn slowly over time to recover some


Yeah. But number is hidden

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yes phone number is needed.

Ah yes, very important point!

Did someone tried to contact CoinDesk or other news agency regarding the fact that this poposal is hidden? It would make a good story.


Moreover, it’s a request.

Don’t spam validators mail. We need to reach them organic way and professional way. Else we will be seen as mob like SHIB community or DOGE

Just need to approach them in professional way to consider our proposal with all merits and demerits


Don’t spam them. Approach in professional way. Else it will work against us.

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Tomorrow morning I will formulate and send an email to all crypto news agencies regarding the fact that this poposal is hidden. It has to be done…



This will be the most effective. send links to the vote as well as the proposal and evidence. Describe what they do.

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Thank you! Coin desk seemed interested today in stories of Do Kwon. They could use this info and get alot of eyes on itπŸ‘ peace be with you

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Keep Voting.

The PR was merged. The proposal is not hidden anymore.

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Just saw the news that a SHIB holder burnt a lot of coins voluntarily.

What if, in order to get more traction with old Luna and Ust holders, we include on the top of the Proposal, a 90% COMPULSORY BURNING PROGRAM for all the coins bought after the dilution became exponencial (I guess after first halt).

That would bring us instantly to the hundreds of billions of coins instead the 7 trillions.

New holders would be sending a message that they are willing to contribute, making old holders less averted to the proposal.


This seems to what most of the community wants. However that’s unlikely to happen.

What if a select group of community member become a validator for the new LUNA and create a dApp to stake new LUNA but part of the APY is automatically used to buy back LUNA Classic and burn it.

To illustrate:
though some form of staking:

  • 10,000 of LUNA is bought β†’ 5,000 being LUNA Classic and 5,000 new LUNA
  • the new LUNA stays with the holder.
  • 50% of LUNA classic is burned (2,500 in this case) and 50% stays with the holder (the remaining 2,500).

This way people who were heavily affected by the de-pegging will benefit from having new luna and luna classic.

I don’t even know if this makes sense but thought I’d through it out there for the smart people to look at :slight_smile:

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