Any list of exchanges supporting airdrop?

Just wondering if there is a list buried somewhere on this site or anywhere in regard to exchanges that plan to airdrop the new Luna coin to holders?

I ask, as I have some coins over on Gemini. And they are the ERC-20 flavor. If I remember right, I think Coinbase is also ERC-20.

So… unless they plan to support the airdrop, options seem to be to do the metamask bridge thing, but the ETH fees probably will be crazy, so that’s not really worth it. Or simply sell/convert to something else, then move/buy Luna somewhere else on a decentralized exchange, then move to the Terra wallet – all within the next day or so and hope it works out.

Although in that latter case, one has to ask why bother? If one has to sell their Luna then rebuy it, one probably be better off just randomly choosing any top 100 coin instead to buy, and odds are by the next halving it’ll be worth more than the small amount of Luna 2 we will be given.

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So it’s Binance and Bybit

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Bitfinex, FTX, gate_io, Bitrue, Huobi, Binance.
He’s announcing more and more so stay tuned. I agree with you by the way. If you’re bullsih on Luna2 buying it directly could be better.

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I’m mostly curious about Gemini, who I expect Won’t support it. Or at least Coinbase… I’m limited to those two exchanges being in NY.

Otherwise I have to jump through hoops and I’m not so sure it’s worth the trouble.

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I’m not an American so can’t speak for them, but I heard that they’re the most difficult exchanges to get listed on.

Yes… I agree with what you’re saying, too. Not really worth all the trouble. I mean, if you’re like us and have a ton of Luna2 held hostage by DK and co. we have no choice but to pray that Luna2 takes off, but Luna’s biggest selling point was the UST, the ‘holy grail’ of DeFi, and Luna2 won’t have the algorithmic stable coin. There are a lot of promising crypto that have totally crashed in value now due to the bear market, so not much sense buying Luna as they’re not the only Layer1 blockchain with potential.

Actually, binance didn’t announce that, they said they are working closely with Terra for the best possible treatment. Others officially stated that they will support. Coinbase and Kucoin didn’t make a statement


Hi there. I have been using Luna since long time. How can I get Beck my luna. That I was purchased when the price was $150 later, I purchased in crushing at a price of $28. Any old asset automatically comes to the exchange that I use. Or must I do something?

They just published a medium article: Terra 2.0 — LUNA Airdrop. Terra 2.0 is nearly here. As a… | by MC | Terra Money | May, 2022 | Medium

What would be the way to buy the upcoming LUNA the fastest? Like which platform or place can I buy it as soon as it’s launched? I saw the Biture’s post, so will they be the one showing the LUNA/USDT sharp May 27?

Users who have UST and LUNA balances on FTX during the snapshot time will be eligible to receive the new LUNA airdrop, subject to certain adjustments

Moreover, LUNA and UST markets will be halted on May 26th, 2022 at 12:00:00 UTC

I was a latecomer who bought a small amount (1Mish for around $310)… so I don’t have a ton held hostage by DK. At the time I thought it might be interesting to see if they ended up burning coins or if they’d try to revive the original coin. And, well, we see what they instead decided.

I just now sold my Luna at a bit of a loss (down $140), and bought Solana with it. If Sol ever reaches around $82 (figure by the next halving its a safe bet to beat that), I’ll make my money back. That seemed like a safer bet (as well as a ton easier) than selling, and trying to hunt down Luna on some exchange I can buy from, and getting it moved over in time to get the airdrop.

I’m actually a bit surprised there isn’t a price disparity yet between exchanges (real vs erc-20). As the ERC-20 exchanges sort of have ‘trapped’ Luna … likely won’t get the airdrop … and it’s a super pain to move over to the proper wallet. I am guessing it’s because the details of this airdrop aren’t exactly well known by everyone… or folks simply don’t care about it in the first place and just prefer holding the original.

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Kucoin and Bybit just tweeted that they support the airdrop and Luna 2.0

Binance and Coinbase yet to make an official announcement.