ELI5 me. How does the new Luna and air drop work?

Please don’t bite my head off. I know I should probably know this, but I stopped doing anything with crypto around 2017 and only recently am trying to get back into it.

I have my Luna on Gemini. On the 27th, is that part of the snapshot or do I need it moved elsewhere?
Also, what do I need to make sure I have set up, connected, created, etc for the airdrop?

Any explanations, links, or whatever that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
John Albano


It’s a same confusion for a lot of people. I have Luna at crypto.com exchange bought at various prices such as £50, £30 and more at £0.03. No idea if I will ever receive anything and how it I will… since I never moved to terra station

DK did mention on twitter (it’s in one of his recent replies, you can go and read) that he will work with exchanges to include you in the airdrop.

However, I do think it won’t be easy to do, because if the exchange does not support Luna2 (which I don’t think many will), then it won’t be easy to prove how your exchange wallet is connected to your Terrastation wallet. It’s generally a good idea to keep crypto in your own non-custodial wallet, though.


So would you recommend moving everything to Terra Station before the 27th snapshot?

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Agreed, best to hold your coins in your own non-custodial wallet!


I just moved my tokens to my Terra wallet. Not sure I would have been eligible by holding in my trust wallet on bsc network, bought on Pancake. I hope it’s fine and I will receive my precious 1 dollar refund now.


It doesn’t matter. Both will become worthless after all.

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Thank you for for your input, henry_d. I was getting bored with the helpful posts from everyone else and was hoping that someone would chime in with some banal unconstructive drivel to spice things up. You delivered.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.


I don’t like giving (financial) advice but in the case you already bought your luna, actually I would, I do recommend moving everything to Terra Station, as a non-custodial wallet would give you the freedom of moving it around even if the exchange crashes or blocks transfer as they do from time to time.

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I am holding the token in TrustWallet… Will the new token be airdropped to TW address?


I have Luna on bitvavo. It is the only crypto trade account i have. What steps do you guys recommend to be ellegable for the airdrops in the future.
It is almost the same question as lynxjsa asked.

After the peg and before the halt, it happened to me to. Was straight loss and no time for profit. While before peg ppl had made so profit many time on those coins. So snapshot had to happen before peg after peg before halt and on 27may.

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QЯ думаю, что было бы справедливо сделать 3 снимка в 3 раза. 1 - За мгновение до LUNA при нападении. 2 - Время до остановки блокчейна LUNA (13 мая). Биржи DEX теперь приостанавливают торговлю по цене 0,00005. Потому что за это время, хотя общее предложение увеличилось, не было объявления о покупателе. 3 - Время после повторного открытия блокчейна (13 мая - 27 мая). После повторного открытия было много покупателей и продали обратно по цене x50,x100. Если есть только 2 выстрела в качестве предложения, это несправедливо по отношению к людям, которые не знают о проблеме поставок LUNA, и они пытались купить LUNA, чтобы избежать дальнейшего падения цен.

You have to fill in a withdrawal request by 8pm of 25/05/22! Write to bitvavo support: [email protected]
they will send you the withdrawal request form. You have to do it today. As I understand it they are not supporting the airdrop.

The ‘wallet’ is only an interface to access the blockchain so yes, you can receive airdrops with an address created with Trustwallet. However you might need to import your 12/24 word keys into Terrastation to interact with the Terra blockchain though.