Luna on CEX and cold wallet for airdrop

Hi Support,

I saw Do Kwon’s Twitter reply on May 17,2022 that they’re working with major exchanges to have the airdrop supported.

i am still holding my Luna on Kraken which should be regarded as major exchange, may i know if Kraken is included in the discussion of airdrop support or not?

I might seem open to online storage as i keep my coins on CEX, yet, hot wallet is not what i want to entrust my holdings out of security reason.

Another scenario is people with substantial Luna holdings keeping Luna in cold storage, has the airdrop launch ever considered this case?

For what is required and transfer of Luna to terra station becomes the only choice, what if people are hacked due to transferring and keeping Luna in terra station, they lose everything.

As the day of fork draws near, I desperately need your advice to act accordingly.



I would prefer you to send your Tokens to a Terra wallet. And FYI, your wallet will not be hacked until you give your seed phrase to anyone or connect to a fake website.

cold storage is fine :slight_smile: there has been no info about which exchanges will support.

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Thanks for your suggestion.

Speaking of moving Luna out from my Exchange, as i bought the Luna way before 2022.05.07 23:00:04+08:00 (pre-attacked snapshot), will the transfer of Luna from Exchange to terra station now be treated as a post-attacked Luna? How will the airdrop program to verify the purchase date of my Luna?

Will the airdrop occur in one single moment or be dispersed to last for days to buffer for some hiccups during the whole process?


The snapshot will be done on 27th May, which will show that you hold Luna in your Terra wallet for post attack snapshot and you will eligible for the drop. And there will be vesting for the drop.

Oh no, which means i will fall into the category of Post-attack LUNA holders who will collectively just receiving 10% of new 6.5 trillion Luna supply. But i’m in fact a pre-attack holder entitled to receive proportionally 35% of 340 million Luna supply?

It will depend upon the exchange too, if it gives the data to Terra to airdrop on the exchange to the users as according to pre attack snapshot.

If Kraken supports the airdrop, you will get the pre-attack allocation with them.

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It looks like Luna on Exchange is not taken care of. Either i risk getting no airdrops if keeping on exchange or receiving a morsel of airdrops by moving to terra station.

That goes back to my original question about your arrangement with the Exchanges including Kraken. I have asked Kraken back and forth and Kraken comes up with the following feedback. It’s a two-way agreement and please reach out to Kraken for the actual operation for the community to cooperate.

//Previous forks have had different circumstances and the full information regarding how the forks would occur was known far earlier in advance than the LUNA situation. There are also some forks/airdrops that we haven’t supported which is why we always advise to hold funds in your own external wallet just in case.

At the moment, since the LUNA vote is still ongoing, and since some terms of the fork have actually changed midway through the vote we are not able to commit to any kind of timeline on when we may provide further information. I realise this is of little help but I’m afraid we would be unable to provide further information at this time.//

Yes it is quite uncommon for exchanges to distribute airdrops. I’ve never received an airdrop on a CEX

Why did Twitter dk tell everyone not to retweet, saying that this is not a burning address.

What are you talking about?

but Do Kwon has replied on his Twitter regarding having exchanges supported the airdrop, i assume there’re someone from Terra working with the Exchanges on the airdrop? No kidding, this is a total sum of USD40billion of money loss, i’ve done my part but i don’t see any sincere efforts exerted on Terra’s side to remedy?

We are trying to do so, but we don’t ensure CEX will handle the airdrop.
It is not something that TFL can do on its own. If Binance does not want to, then blame Binance.

As stated many times, move your fund to the Terra Network if you want to ensure an airdrop.