Bajar el precio, para quemar el supply

Hello everyone, I am a small investor and I wanted to tell you one thing before anything else. people are buying LUNA, you can call them scammers, speculators or whatever you want, but more than 50% are people who want to have a better life and are buying LUNA. The plans that I am reading, are the majority to give power again, to those who were before. That cannot be, the market has spoken, if that is done, the market will speak again. The only solution is to burn LUNA. I don’t know if it would work. What I would do is: 1.Stop the minting of everything. 2.Choose a day and an hour, write down the price, for example, it is today at 0.0003. Make Luna go down, what?, until you can buy $1000M in LUNA, to get 5TLuna. Of those 5T, distribute 0.4T, among the people who had before, with the capture that you have. Go burning, until the price reaches the stipulated day; and the rest, is to create a 1-2 year plan, with the best auditing company on the planet, for three things, that the first distribution is fair, a progressive burning and benefits for the holders, create a savings plan of 2 years, with a loss of -10% if it is closed before two years and with a capital gain of +30%, if it is maintained. I don’t know, you can go back to the past, that doesn’t work, you have to use the present to go to the future. And I am going to make you a personal recommendation, CEO of Terra, you must be the last person to receive any benefit. That’s what a CEO does. You, you’re not cut out for CEO. Fix your image, put on a suit, talk to the press, convey confidence. Right now, the only thing I want is your sudden dismissal.

I hope that we recover the losses and the confidence, I recovered almost 20% yesterday. Thanks to binance, which opened the trading.

I’m very sorry, I’m Spanish, I don’t speak much English and the translator has cheated me