You guys better decide fast before you get bought out!

Terra needs to realize that LUNA is for sale at a massive discount…which leaves them open to takeover via sharebuys.

If anyone wanted to exploit UST they can surely buy as much LUNA as they want…and possibly burn the coins themselves to control a majority share.

I DCA all the way down to scratch together most of my LUNA from 60 to .13 (you read that right; total cost $14000.00 CAD) In the end I did DCA at the 0.000xxx to get me down to .000565. Now any jackass can come along and drop 2000.00CAD and get the same amount of LUNA as I did for $14000.00. If any plan is to be considered you need to address the deflation value for my LUNA as opposed to arbitrarily treating me as if I just got into the trade at 0.000xxx

…maybe burn my coins for a higher rate? Or a lower rate I guess ( I leave that to that math geniuses to take figure that out…just some reward or bonus for sticking it out and keeping it alive…some advantage to keeping my shares in over everyone who was able to get it recently. Definitely need conditions as well such as a 60 or 90 day no sell clause.

Could be on a scale such as:

$0 to $5 burn percent multiplier/divider percent
$5 to $10 burn percent multiplier/divider percent
$10 to $15 burn percent multiplier/divider percent
$15 to $20 burn percent multiplier/divider percent
$20 to $25 burn percent multiplier/divider percent
etc etc…all the way back the point of dpeg.

No reset button needed no fork.


bruh, being bought out would be the best outcome now. the problem is there’s no buyers

I think everyone is still in shock from the fall…if I was a whale and just bought a tonne of LUNA I could set the sell/buy myself and totally manipulate the last remnants of this once vibrant market. The exchanges seem busier now more than ever. LUNA is being given away. Also thought that if you are part of Terra you control a certain amount of votes as well…

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They can’t stake it for governance at the moment. And it doesnt matter how many luna there are for how cheap, 1 billion dollars worth of 50 tokens is 1 billion dollars worth. Anyone could always buy it out.
Btw some of us still on chain racking up LUNA quite possibly. Wish I could stake it.

Edit: There’s people still with auto compounding LUNA staking derivative tokens too. I imagine with how high LUNA staking emissions are right now that Prism (yLUNA, amped even), Lido (stLUNA), and Stader (LUNAx) are racking up quite a lot of staked LUNA and voting power.

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Its open for exploitation from many angles.

No one is going to touch Luna. Only an absolute idi*t would buy it in it’s current condition as an investment.

I think founder cant choose already. Their cannot represent community anymore

Hrm. The code is open source no? So anyone could. Validators could stay with this chain but the dApp projects would be fractured which may make building ecosystems take a while

They need to reset back to pre minted Or burn all the newly minted. That’s all i can say. Time to say good bye is knocking on the door.

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