Terra to Osmosis not arrived

Hello, I bridged UST from Terra to Osmosis using Its been many days and I still have not received my UST. Here is the transaction hash: 7DE9554520A43F8D1EC515228C8274861C523A81CBB717CD19E1D0F378638126

Can some one please let me know how to recover the money?

Thank you!

nor how, while the validators stopped the network, when it will be launched is not yet clear. And will they even launch

were you able to recover your funds yet? i bridged from avalanche to terra 2 days ago and my money is still gone

Has your UST arrived in Osmosis?

No the funds have still not arrived.

How much UST did you send?


It’s a lot of money, and it may be worthless now. This team is terrible, and it’s irresponsible.