Burn luna without buying back

Terra supply
We all know that luna total supply is tooo much we all wants to burn supply and get back to 1b supply
With out leaving old or new lunatics or there loses

They only way we have that terra team talk to exchanges to charge extra 500 luna on every single trade and send them to burn funds and burn then every week

simple words

These days you can buy 30000 to 40000 in 1$
Every time you buy or sell you give 500 luna for burn this will help to get back to 1b supply


Daily trades
If daily trades are 100k+ in these which is 100%
Daily burn will be 50,000,000 lunas
Weekly burn will be 350,000,000 lunas
Monthly burn will be 1,500,000,000 lunas

supply target
When we are near to 1b supply low burn fees and when reach close that fees system

Maybe it take some time but everyone will be happy with this old lunatics and new both
i think this perfect plan to recover our old luna