Certik audit for dflunc

Dflunc needs 36k for certik audit

If dflunc pass the audit the lunc community will feel safer participating in the project

Community pool proposal
36k that’s about 433996383.36 lunc at the current lunc price.


If anyone feel uncomfortable giving them money we can contact certik and pay them directly. dflunc is willing to do an audit.

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Why should lunc pay for l2 audits?


In general, ALL developers should demand LUNC community 2 times of what their normal fees should be.

At least that’s what I would advice.

If it pass we can burn the supply blazingly fast. One year since the crash and the price is dropping like we did nothing for an entire year

Considering how much burning is happening because of them I think they deserve that!

But first some discussion about them is needed. Are they legit? Scam? And so on!?

You can check Lebun and strathcole on Twitter

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People are using governance for the wrong reason. Keep in mind that DFLUNC is not owned by the blockchain, therefore not a blockchain issue. If the project wants to be audited, then it is the L2 project’s job to fund that themselves, not through governance.


But they are solving a blockchain issue i mean if you haven’t notice this coin went on death spiral and it’s inflated. They doing what cz said if you want to burn the supply everyone must participate. How many people are holding this coin. you gonna reach a wall where no more coins are available because people are holding and wanting to become billionaires. utilities are only half of the solution to problem and if it was the only thing then do kwon would have done himself. This could possibly be the fastest way to recovery and we dont have to wait 5 to 10 years as time is the only thing you cant gain back like think about it do you want to become rich young while your body is still healthy or old and spend it on medication. 36k is gonna look like nothing when you are multi millionaire

We gave your terra rebels second chance and still the price went down dflunc helped with burning 1.3 billion in 11 days that’s more than binance monthly burns my guy we just completed one year of lunc and we only saw our progress retracted


give me 36K, I will restore ustc back to $1. How about that?

If it was that easy it would’ve been done long time ago

It is easy to do, but none is listening, and nobody is willing to do free.

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Ok explain it in detail im listening

Not quite the same!
We gave TR money to build an alternative Station infrastructure (for us wallet owners to use) away from TFL and we are paying them an additional amount of money to continue to provide and maintain that Software As A Service.

What dflunc is doing could be considered something on par with the Terraport built. It’s a profitable business venture that happens to help quite a lot our chain. Maybe liquidating some from their native token bag could help towards that audit goal and we can help them by staking with them!

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They weren’t transparent from the start paying mods and saying we didn’t put it in the prop like it justify what they did and their prop wouldn’t have pass if it wasn’t for allnodes.
Tfl have been supporting the community from crash to this day Jared_tfl ring a bell.
Paying for this will finally solve a problem we had since the crash because all i saw for past year is inconsistency 36k is nothing for a chain that would be worth billions of dollars

The proposal they raise was about providing a dedicated infrastructure. How they are paying their team in order to satisfy the requirement is not my concern, I am interested in the end deliverable which was completed successfully afaik.

There is a governance process and every delegator has a vote. The proposal was raised, a vote was cast and the results are in…the rest are irrelevant. Btw, you forgot to mention that AllNodes rejected their first proposal because it was not flexible/decentralized enough.

And yet there was a time when they were willing to let us go…I’d rather have a stable dedicated to LUNC alternative rather than rely 100% on a team who might have legal issues to deal with in the near future and whose boss is in chains behind bars!

They should be able to fund it themselves by liquidating some of their native coin and/or validator rewards!


Keplr is free you don’t have to pay them every 3 months and dflunc is launching protocol 3 where all their validator rewards going to protocol 3 pool which is distributed to stakers and you can only get dfc by burning lunc or by swapping it at coinhall.org. their code is open source.
They have been transparent from the start and willing to be audited.

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where we can see their burns?

There are quite a few wallets, but do they also provide staking, delegation, re-delegation, un-delegation, voting, rewards withdrawal, and multi-coin swaps?

…and they are paying for their node out of their pocket? Hopefully, they did some super early burns to get some DFC to support their node; keeping a node running has a cost attached to it.

I don’t question their legitimacy, as a matter of fact, I do delegate with them. Not sure how long for depending on the answer to the previous question!