VC compensation petition

Let’s get VCs attention and hold them accountable. Sharing some of the obscene profits they’ve made in Luna is they least they could do to help restore faith in the ecosystem. While retail investors lost their life savings and as dozens decided to tragically end their lives, they profited handsomely, laughing all the way to the bank :bank: They aggressively sold Luna precipitating a run on the bank after previously promoting it to retail investors.

Get them to feel the pressure. They have a social and moral responsibility to contribute some of those obscene profits to a rescue :ring_buoy: fund.


I don’t think this is going to help at all. This not how funding works… rather I’m interested in the proposal that just came in…

This isn’t about “funding” anything. It’s about getting VCs that made handsome profits to restore their image and the project they heavily promoted. Profiting while others are killing themselves is a very bad look.

Sign and share everyone!


A burn Luna suggestion was added to the petition.

It would be the easiest way for VCs with a guilty heavy conscience to unload that burden, to buy back Luna they sold for a hefty profit and send it to a burn address.


Only 13 have signed so far. Takes 10 seconds guys!


Lol what do you think will happen? 10000 people sign and then VCS gonna be like “yah sure let’s give millions of our money to those random people because they lost theirs”?

Come on guys

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You’re missing the point.

It’s how they made the money that’s unethical and we can offer them a way to redeem themselves for their transgressions.

They have a reputation to protect and maintain.

If you don’t want to get involved at least don’t get in the way.


Petition is gaining ground. Let’s push it to 100 signatures to get it featured.


Lmfao… bud, they either had the sense to dhump this ridiculous quasi token or they were in the planning.
Either way, no matter who signs your petition nobodys giving you anything unless you go take it.

@Seca400 If petition starts getting traction their reputation could suffer and then they’ll have to consider buying it back from us and clean their name. Their don’t want their brands to become toxic and their funds univestable. Mike Novogratz is all about virtue signaling about all sorts of social causes. I doubt he wants all the world to see him for who he really is, someone profiting handsomely from other people’s misfortune. His investors have blood on their hands but they don’t know about it yet. They’re about to find out from the media and then him and Pantera stand to get hit by a wave of redemptions and that’s not fun.

Judging by your posting history you’re a vitriolic short with nothing but toxic crap to say coming here to glee. Stay out of this thread please. You also sound like a cynical clueless noob, probably a rebellious pre-teen with identity and anger issues. Now bugger off and go revel in someone else’s misfortune.


저도 동참했습니다. 힘내세요


Are you delusional? There is no ‘clearing their name’, ‘reputation to protect’ or ‘redeem themselves’. VCs and investment firms have absolutely nothing to do with what happened. Do Kwon made a company, TFL, pitched their idea and got funding, aka “here’s some money to try and build up your idea”.
This is the same idea that was in the whitepaper, and users (you included) eventually bought into, which raised the price and market cap.

Most fundraising happens in exchange for equity. The company and project collapsed meaning all equity is now worthless (and tokens as well, see Binance losing all their UST/LUNA)
Companies fail all the time and only a very small amount ever becomes worth something. You don’t see investors of companies running around and pumping more money into buying users out lol

If you honestly truly believe that this petition will do anything, or that you deserve money from entities like VCs, then I highly recommend you to re-evaluate your investment decisions because that’s not how the world works. Crypto investments aren’t safe nor insured. Any project can disappear at any time

@bigfruit Novogratz was long until days before the collapse. He bought at cents and shilled to retail with tattoos and such. Then he dumped massively helping create a run on the bank getting many to end their lives. Him and Pantera have blood on their hands. Simple as that.

They’ve made obscene profits because they got allocations at cents. They deserve to pay, to compensate the retail victims they’ve helped create with their obscene profits. It’s also likely they got inside info here and got taken care of before the collapse. It’s likely how they got out in time right before the big collapse and they have to pay for what they’ve done. But instead they brag about it.

Funny how you defend these guys with a weak bullshit argument. I wonder what connections you have to any of them. If you don’t want to sign the petition, gtfo and don’t stand in the way. You’ve already spammed this thread with two dumb posts. Now go away. Shoo!

Right… those investors with blood on their hands have money in their pockets, and thats what they came out for. I read your petition, why are the profits so obscene? Was naking money not your one and only objective when you got involved with Terra? Last time there was a dip and someone lost their shirt did you bail them out?
Reputations swing both ways - and ill bet that he cares more about his reputation of pulling gains than his reputation for bailing out everyone who lost on an open market run by a guy whos lost everyones money twice before.
How many banks said “nah guy, its ok keep the house, we got plenty” back in '09? None. Its bad business.
Resort to name calling if you want (we can measure our junk later too if youd like), im not butt hurt and broke over this, just being real. But tell me to stay off this thread again and well just see where that goes, keyboard warrior.
The question id love to know the answer to is this: why is the plan for how to fix this being developed and voted on after the fact? Did nobody ever think to ask “hey what happens if theres trillions of worthless coins and the stable coin drops to 6 cents?” No, because you threw your money in and beleive its yoru god given right to take and take, and when your turn is up you resort to begging the people who did it right to carry the weight of a coin that was never anything but fluff, speculation, greed and some ridiculous accounting habits.
Again, just going to reiterate, you have the right to go get every single signature you can, but you’ll just be supplying the people you give it to with toilet paper for years to come.
You’d be better off just starting a gofundme for enough to get the clins back on track. Im sure theres gotta be a few billion people that’ll feel bad enough to throw a few hundred bucks. Oh wait, nobody feels bad about crypto losses, nor should they.
So TerraNova (by the way using your pseudonym on the petition made the rest of the poorly written tantrum of a kid who lost his allowance even harder to read) all i can say is you’re not helping the ones you want to help and you’re not hurting the ones you want to hurt. You have however libelled a person who as you put it just walked off with an obscene profit and could use the money you lost to pay a very good lawyer to utterly ruin you. Sorry, didnt sign the petition.

Half way there to 100 signatures. Once we reach 100 it will be featured and will be easier to get noticed.


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Half way there to 100 signatures.

Let’s get 100

Shame on them

“Who got rich before Terra stablecoin collapsed?”

Sign and let’s make them pay!