Correct airdrop, everyone is happy, the court is closed. The Terra community will stay with you

Mr. DO Kwon Don’t do such quick and ill-considered things.

If you make airdrop on those miscalculations, you can lose everything, not only your reputation but also all programmers in your network.

Why, you ask?
Here is my answer.
A lot of people, including me, relatives of programmers, people close to the validators and programmers bought the Luna above $ 1, and we all want to return at least part of it, but we are willing to wait 2-3 years for the staking.

Just feel if a person related to the programmer from terra community bought Luna for $5 and spent $10,000 and will only get 1 new Luna, and a person who bought 100,000 Luna for $1 on May 12th, he will get 10 Luna(V2).
Do you think this is fair?

*This is a rough calculation. *

And after that, who will stay with you?
No programmer will work in the TERRA community knowing that you could not even allocate new Luna2 competently and honestly ?

All the people who invested a lot of money will leave.

A lot of teams that were in the Terra community will move to binance. (Which is already happening.)

I read the tweeters of many who were and who want to leave the terra community. These are real people who themselves kept Luna to the last, close people who trusted them also kept Luna to the last. And in the end they all get just 1 new Luna?

You will only have people without conscience, teams will leave, the ecosystem will collapse because you do not compensate investors who bought the Luna for $ 1 and above, the South Korean court will not let you go, and the world court of human rights will join him, it only takes time.

All you need is time:

Do the right airdrop, if you make up for the new coins spent on Luna, YOU will be thanked and have faith in you and the Terra community.
And if you act like a selfish person, its was over


Yes I agree with you

For example
Who bought luna after 7th may let’s just say 350 luna for 700$

Now he gonna get 0.00512 new luna lol

So to breakeven per luna needs to be 140000$

This is not possible.

So snapshot should be before the halt then you will find out who held during Lunas bad time.

I am not against people who sold during the time and getting airdropped again.

But at least make it fair and put 3 category of people

We can not be with people before 7th May because they bought at much higher price so its fair.

We can not be with people who bought after 6.9T supply because its not fair we bought at much higher price.

We are in the middle so maybe crate another category who bought during 8 to 12 may price was high and supply was low

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The best way would be to not have a “new” Luna.
Just reduce supply again and support the people who lost most.


I am sorry to hear this but give Do Kwon time, we are thousands of people directing our losses and emotions to one person.

I am sure there is something we don’t know about the 30 April event leading to liquidation of South Korean Terra Labs companies.

Let’s be patient and all the missing pieces will come to light.

There is a grey area between Cryptocurrencies and Regulations, Elastic supply of UST with no fiat backing. UST was solid in my own opinion but an attack was on LUNA which was supposed to secure value for UST.

Terra LUNA and UST was faught by government if not governments for its seigniorage abilities to support growth

This project was the right project for mass adoption and it pissed off the wrong people in my own opinion.

We are into the digital currencies space which is a revolution opposed by governments because they want to be the sole controllers of Money Supply. Let’s have all these factors in mind always.

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Do everyone a favour and vote against the fork he won’t listen to you

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Tired of your whining.
The crown does not press? You just argue like the main selfish speculators.
You DID NOT BELIEVE in the project, since you did not help save the sinking ship and thereby average your positions, as everyone does and always on the fall.
It can be done even now. But again you do not believe, but you want your $100 to be more valuable than someone else’s $100.
And you offer to throw overboard those who believed and spent their money to save yours.
It looks like it would be fair to take two snapshots… before and after the blockchain stops.
It would reveal the true face of everyone.

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Oh shut up. Stop with the “believe in the project, you speculator”. just shut it. As if you have been a very big believer since the start of this project? I am absolutely certain the only reason you “believed” in the project is for the 20% yield you were getting through staking. APY that high has the highest risk, who doesn’t know that ? Now you are mad cause your greed made you lose it all, and the new investors are getting them for much cheaper ? Who’s stopping you buying millions of Luna now? Go buy yourself 50$ worth of Luna and stop being a little b to new investors. Take your frustrations to that incompetant leader.


Rough calculation??? its completly wrong 100 000 post depeg = 100 000*0,00000144772 = 0,14 LUNA 2.0

Stop talking if you not able to make simple math.

Don’t mind him bro he has been doing that everywhere lol just ignore him

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