Need help please

Hello guys I need your help please. I put all my luna on terra station, what else should I do to benefit from LUNA V2? and once the airdrop is finished, what should I do with my LUNA v1? Thank you friends

This question should have been asked before the snapshot. That said I would think your ok and should get your new LUNA there.

What you do with your old LUNA is up to you. No one should offer you financial ad ice and I wod be weary of anyone that does. You need to ask yourself it is a significant value even at these low prices and you need that money then you know what to do.

I have said that LUNA Classic price would start dropping once the snapshot happened. If we can get a plan in place to start the revival of the old tokens than we can see a recovery hopefully. If not then it could drop all the way down to nothing.

There are some in the community fighting hard to have a plan put in place soon so stay tuned (myself included).


is it better to leave them on terrastation or rather put them on the exchanges?

Pardon dite moi pourquoi binance ne liste pas le nouveau Luna ?..

I withdrew them from binance on terrastation but unfortunately I can no longer deposit luna on binance. I had invested all my savings on $luna and I feel that I will be set aside for this airdrop. Please answer me please friends, I have my luna on terrastation, what should I do to benefit from the airdrop? Thank you

You can’t deposit on Binance until May 30 9:45 UTC

what should I do then? leave them on binance ?

You have to wait to transfer your funds from terra wallet to Binance. The price may drop when the market is open again on Monday, we have to see what happens then. Houbi market still open and the price is holding so far.

I am holding UST in binanceUS. how can i get Luna airdrop ?

Sry to hear that but U won’t.
Ur from USA man…
There won’t be any coin airdrop to American ppl.

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If I have classic Luna-UST staked at Astroport, do I need to unstake it to get airdrop of v2 token(s)?

parce que c’est de la merde. Essaie kucoin

en les laissant sur terrastation j’aurai l’airdrop ?

Should be ok their medium article says Astroport lps etc supported

We will also receive an airdrop don’t worry. If you deposited you luna from binance to terra before the snapshot 26 may you are OK. You have been included already in the airdrop. Just be patient and wait to receive new luna

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Thank you Sir :innocent:
I can’t wait to receive my new luna