Current status: Clarity problems dragging Terra down?

Has anyone managed to sum up everything that has been agreed upon/is pending agreement right now? Other than the Fork proposal, what is going on with @FatMan 's proposal to reimburse UST holders? I don’t see it anywhere on Terra anymore even though I voted on it just a few days ago. Some mentioned on Twitter that UST reimbursement is being considered. Is it still a thing and UST holders are getting reimbursed in addition to Terra 2.0 airdrop? Is it because of Fatman’s proposal passing? And what is going to happen to Luna Classic? Is work going to continue on it? Can Luna holders hope that some recovery will hapepen to relieve some of the financial burden the collapse put on investors?

Without any summary of what has been agreed upon so far, it almost feels like TFL has moved on and is too busy pushing the seemingly unpopular fork. I think a bit more clarity on the above-mentioned issues could go a long way convincing most investors, still in the dark, that Terra 2.0 is as exciting as it sounds. Without clarity, it feels more like an attempt to sweep everything that transpired under the r.u.g.

I am sitting here wondering whether I should veto the proposal or greenlight it. How many are thinking the same because of this lack of clarity? How many are vetoing it simply because they have already concluded they are left behind? We need to be brought up to speed in order to be able to participate in the governing in a responsible way.

Apologies if this reads too emotional.