[Upcoming Fork Event] Support for off-chain LUNA/UST holders is NEEDED. Can we move our assets on-chain?

With the Forum so busy with comment and proposal, it seems that off-chain Terra supporters have been forgotten.

We only have about 10 days to prepare for the fork event, and I would like to open a discussion about how to proceed.

We staid until the very end because we believe in the project and we wanted to be part of it. Now we are asking for your help to understand HOW TO JOIN.

There is urgent need for somebody with the good will to write down some guidelines for those of us who have purchased coins on Exchanges BEFORE the de-peg, and now are feeling lost in the attempt to understand how to be part of Luna2.0.

We did not sell because we wanted to be part of this community. Don’t leave us behind.

What should be done with the LUNA/UST that are stored on Exchanges?

  1. Transfer our assets to Terrastation ASAP.
    Will it still be possible to prove that we purchased them BEFORE the de-peg event? Are we going to be counted for the the new token distribution?
  2. Leave them on exchanges and transfer AFTER the fork?
    That does not seem reasonable, because they will go to TerraClassic, not Terra2.0.
  3. Wait (better, “hope”!) for the exchange to do the conversion and airdrop the tokens to us.
  4. Sell and leave trying to minimize the damage and buy again once the new blockchain will start.
    That would be awfully painful, and quite discriminatory toward us, smaller fishes.

We only have one chance to join you w/o completely destroying our investment!
We have already lost a lot. Now we need your help to get it right!

@dokwon, I know there is a lot on you basket at the moment, but can you please appoint somebody to write a reply here or somewhere else in support to all of us that are pending for instructions? Can you maybe ask for somebody on Discord (we also don’t have access to it, ATM) to volunteer for this cause.
Thanks in advance, we can’t wait to be part of the reconstruction!

He said people bought on exchanges will get airdrops too!

It will be useful if @dokwon let us know the roadmap for LUNC and LUNA and the team that will be behind these two chains.

Can I have a link to that?

What about people who want to join in De-fi, regardless of the airdrop. Do we have to wait to receive it thought the exchange, and transfer the asset AFTER that. That’s important to know.