Please don't overlook us - Wormhole UST holders prior to de-peg

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It is clear that Terra 2.0 is coming, but let’s talk about UST holders prior to the de-peg.

(Retail) UST holders were misled to believe they were holding a stable coin, prior to the de-peg. Terra was seen as a blue chip by many; Billions were in circulation, some of the top firms (Jump, 3AC) were involved, and it was listed on the major exchanges (Binance, FTX, Coinbase).

CZ, Vitalik Buterin and Justin Sun have all shown support for the smaller/average UST holder to be compensated, as they realise the widespread devastation the UST collapse has caused.

Both Kwon and LFG have stated that they are looking to see what funds are available to compensate UST holders, but as someone that held the majority of my capital in UST on Solana (Solend), I hope I will be eliegible for any future compensation.

TFL gave Solana users incentives (Not So Degenerate Proposal: Road to Efficiency), this played a big part in me using UST over USDC.

It appears we will not be included in the pre-attack (a)UST holders allocation of the airdrop for Terra 2.0, but I hope TFL/LFG will include us in regards to any potential future compensation.

I would appreciate a response from @ do kwon or someone from TFL/LFG.
It would also be nice to get some support from @0xrooter and/or someone from Wormhole.

I understand the current circumstances are very unfortunate and I take some responsibility for going all-in into something I didn’t properly research, however, I do hope I can be compensated, even if it is only partly :pray:

I hold wormhole UST (avalanche) before de-peg.
I heard LFG said to refund small amount,
And do kwon said give 20% to ust holder…
However, Do they consider wormhole UST holder?
There is no one answer and update. I feel so depressed…