Proposal: Record this in the new fork’s genesis block so at least history won’t repeat too soon.

So this is it. The so-called “Decentralized” blockchain and stablecoin is now nothing more of a man’s private wallet. 80,000 BTCs gone without any transparency. Do Kwon only wants to bail himself out with a new fork and he can continue as “savior”. Only pins his own proposal and only his proposal is open for a community vote. Ignored all buybacks, burning, repayment suggestions and all lunatics can do nothing but AGREE to his bailout plan.

And what’s so funny is, people after being rugged once, some still believe forking will bring them any value after the bailout and only to be rugged TWICE. Just think of all our fellow lunatics who took their own life because they believed in the project. That’s how pathetic it is.


Lol , everytime sth fails , sry U joined a social experiment. Nice one

I think both burn and airdrop will happen. On 27th air drop will happen. Post airdrop, burn can be implemented in Luna classic. if you see eth-eth classic ratio, Luna classic will reach 10 cents in a couple of months.