Voting while holding investors hostage

It’s down right illegal and wrong.

Why do you have a community if you’re gonna be a dictator @dokwon.


I think both burn and airdrop will happen. On 27th air drop will happen. Post airdrop, burn can be implemented in Luna classic. if you see eth-eth classic ratio, Luna classic will reach 10 cents in a couple of months. Only thing is they have to listen to luna holder post fork and burn luna classic.

Nobody going to work on luna classic according to spreading shit in twitter. fuking validators/devs not interested in their community, they support fork, because they probably in deal and sold everything, because had inside information. Otherwise i don’t understand their position, they talking about decentralization and community-based decisions and fuking not even care about what community says lol, nice joke, i never fucking use any app on this newlunashit blockchain. I assume i’m not only one.

I was thinking how such a stupid retard like doklown was able to create such a big blockchain. Then i figured out, he did nothing, great community which a ccumulated here for years did everything.
Sadly that klown doesn’t understand this. Now he wanna scam as much people as possible.
I bet SEC already investigating this and he’ll go to jail in 1-2 years.