Proposal: Burn mechanism + vote out Do Kwon

Do Klown told us “Deploying more capital - steady lads” while the market was in free-fall so that investors feel assured and continue to buy just like a normal dip. They listened. And he’s now abandoning Luna to begin destroying new lives through a fork. Does anyone have the courage to vote him out or at least take over Luna and implement what the COMMUNITY wants?

The community wants a burn mechanism. For example: burn 0.1 - 0.5% per transaction and send 0.05 - 0.25% to community pool as reserve to be used for development and making previous UST holders “whole” over a period of time. All it takes is less than 1% per transaction to fix the mess and most would be fine with that.

Giving Do Kwooooon a fork will be disingenuous and a slap in the face to all investors after what he communicated to everyone during the attack. We must replace leadership and fix the issue at hand, not divide the community.



He calls this a “Terra DAO hack”. DAO= “De-centralized autonomous organization”. How is this decentralized OR autonomous? He might as well this chain “Do Kwon Chain”.

Anyone in singapore? We might need government intervention, or at least some kind of criminal / civil class action lawsuit.

He was also personally telling degen / app devs to get their cash out before the rest of the community.

How DIRTY can you get?

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Yeah, how come anyone is still listening to hime when it’s clear that he’s just inept?

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Calling this a hack sheds responsibility. The implementation for which Do Kwon is responsible for did not repeg. That’s all.

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