Degenerates, I've got free alpha for you -- $UST > $Luna if you want gains

Why you should be buying $UST for short term gains and not $LUNA

Lets dive in

10% - Luna holders (staking derivatives included) at the “Launch” snapshot - 10% unlocked at genesis, 90% vested over 2 years thereafter
25% - UST holders at the “Launch” snapshot - 10% unlocked at genesis, rest vested over 2 years thereafter

05/27 - Genesis file created from final launch snapshot

$UST provides the largest allocation of Luna2 tokens

The snapshot takes place on May 27th

Whales / VCs who got rekt in Terra who want to have a large slice of Luna 2 need to accumulate as many $UST tokens as possible

$UST has 11bn supply

$Luna has 6 trillion supply

$UST is currently outperforming $LUNA rn like crazy

and will continue leading up to 5/27

$UST to $4.20 by May 27th


$UST chart

USTBUSD 0.11957016 ▲ +18.34% Unnamed (

$LUNA chart

LUNABUSD 0.00021731 ▲ +12.72% Unnamed (

this is such a brilliant move by Do Kwon + team

$ust is about to re-peg itself lmao


My doubt on this is what will happen to UST in the old chain after the snapshot? maybe this is more clear on Luna, and it creates a unexpected risk on holding UST until 27 ?

it goes to 0

or maybe its repegged by buying pressure?

Who knows

VCs who want power in Terra 2 dont care about UST after 5/27

they want luna 2

aka you get a nice scalp trade leading up to 5/27 if ur a degen or you hold for a ton of Luna 2 tokens

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May I ask how did you get the $4.2 number?


Hope it happens, but no more than recovering the peg, best case

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(413) Jay’s Rap - YouTube

USD$1000 invested in UST current price 0.12 = 8333.
8333/11,000,000,000 = 0.00000075
0.00000075 * 250,000,000 = 190, so 19 new luna tokens immediately.

USD$1000 in Luna (currently 0.00021) = 4,762,000
0.000000732 * 100,000,000 = 73.2, so 7.32 new Luna tokens immediately.


For this thread to be true, the proposal of Do Kwon should be accepted, which still didnt happened. i wonder if that is the main factor which explains how both luna and UST have still around same marketcap, when based on this numbers the cost opportunity would be only equal when UST is 2.5 times with bigger cap than Luna

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My man they need to burn UST token and also did you do the math? 4.2 do you know how much capital is needed? Let’s be real

no tokens are getting burned

get that outta your head, lol.

4.2 was a joke on 420

Yeah, but after the fork the old Lunas are still there, the old USTs are not… very risky approach.

just an update

have made 25e swinging $UST on and off

it pumped to .14 this morning

$UST gets 20% of the allocation of LUNA2


you are the one who realized about that.

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time to sell your $LUNA and stock up on $UST

VCs and whales will be accumulating $UST to get as much of the new $LUNA(2) as possible

easiest play

Token Distribution

  • Community pool: 25%
    • Controlled by staked governance
    • 10% earmarked for developers
  • Pre-attack LUNA holders: 35%
    • All bonded / unbonding Luna, minus TFL at “Pre-attack” snapshot; staking derivatives included
    • For wallets with < 1M Luna: 1 year cliff, 2 year vesting thereafter
    • For wallets with > 1M Luna: 1 year cliff, 4 year vesting thereafter
  • Pre-attack aUST holders: 10%
    • 500K whale cap - covers up to 99.7% of all holders but only 26.72% of aUST
    • 15% unlocked at genesis; 85% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff
  • Post-attack LUNA holders: 10%
    • Staking derivatives included
    • 15% unlocked at genesis; 85% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff
  • Post-attack UST holders: 20%
    • 15% unlocked at genesis; 85% vested over 2 years thereafter with 6 month cliff

see how the proposal that is going to pass has been updated to show a 20% allocation to UST holders NOW?


I tried to tell you guys, lol.

Slippery Rick on Twitter: “20% of the Terra2 initial supply is going to current $UST holders. The snapshot for this airdrop is going to be taken at approx 27th May @ 0400 UTC. Buying is therefore incentivized $UST is currently $0.07 What do you think the price of $UST will be just prior to the snapshot?” / Twitter

plus 1 billion tokens are about to be burned of $UST

Looks like the vote was removed after it passed?!

I think it was an API issue because it disappeared the second the timer hit 0

they had whitelisted it so it appeared back on the governance page for us to vote on so im not concerned

a mod said he’s told the team to fix it

Mr. Genius, are we supposed to waste thousands on that shit to be airdropped with few bucks? Yaaay, let me buy 10k worth of the almighty UST to receive a whopping 5 LUNA…

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