Do Kwon Luna UST Fork Proposal Kaboom

:pray: Just be :muscle:. Finally, Admin Do Kwon decided to create a blockchain fork of Luna and UST 2.0 with so many features and upgrades. Some questions still remains and no one answering because either they don’t know or either they are too much smart to be silent. Let’s Discuss some of the issues.

  1. Rewards Distribution to the primary exchanges/defi account holders
  2. Luna 2.0/UST 2.0 success after that much Red in Hands (Total reputational loss)
  3. Who will cover the price difference between Luna 1.0 and 2.0 … [1.0] 1000000 to [2.0] 1000
  4. It’s a revival or Birth of the new brother sister new company coin
  5. Airdrop/Burning fees/ governance vote etc

If you know please reply. If you have some similar doubts please discuss


They should burn luna at 3% each transaction . Coz fork only helps devs not people


They need to be distribute in a proper manner.

Whoever bought during 8to12th may they should get according to the current supply at that moment.

Or 2 snapshot be taken one of before 7th maybe and one is on 12 th may