If Luna 2.0 is so valuable

Why is no one buying UST/Luna to receive the airdrop? Price barely moved for UST and it even dropped for Luna.

UST created the value. Only reasonable thing to do it compensate the UST holders from TFL (which definitely has the funds) and LFG. Luna 2.0 is ded on arrival, people will instantly liquidate to get as much of their capital as they can back.


He just wants to issue a new token, earning some money to recover his loss, then run away.

If fork, both Luna v1 and v2 will have same ZERO value.

Mr Do doesnt care about the community, he just wants to earn money.


I think a fork is a solution that many famous people including CZ disagree with if Luna V2 is born to protect its reputation, it is likely that Binance will not list it so it will not have much value.

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do kwon and his friends’ luna are diluted now, of course they want a fork to reinstate their holdings. stop them!!!

People are buying LUNA, not UST. As this luna will continue as Luna classic. I think both burn and airdrop will happen. On 27th air drop will happen. Post airdrop, burn can be implemented in Luna classic. if you see eth-eth classic ratio, Luna classic will reach 10 cents in a couple of months. So very good return for those buying Luna now.