Vote burn vs fork

Lets do a vote on here to determine burn vs fork.

Example Burn plan [Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction 💊

It appears new holders since the de-peg cannot vote on terra station so let’s just see how people feel here. Doesn’t necessarily mean this exact plan just burning vs forking.

What do you want to see?

  • Burn
  • Fork

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It makes no sense, dontkwon already made a decision by himself.
Because they want to fuk off UST holders. They absolutely don’t care about community.
This is how their ‘community-owned’ chain works and will work in new fork.


Do Both!!

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I’m all for the burn method, but how do you propose making this happen? Massive Luna was minted; however, its also all sold is it not? One of Do’s Twitter posts seemed to relate to this specific subject matter, as it seems to allude to being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Multiple completing interests: UST holders want to be made whole. Luna holders want to be made whole. Investors, developers… It would seem that in any scenario one or more interests get the stick. I don’t much like the fork idea; however, i have a feeling that its the lesser of all evils. That and… does it not encourage folks to purchase existing UST/Luna pre launch? Could those very actions make the fork solution unnecessary?

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I support the burning and here is my suggestions about speed up the burning

All it takes is to attract a large number of current luna owners to bid for the NFT, and Luna can be burning in a short period of time,Without incurring too much external cost

and these features are not complicated and should be developed quickly,

by the way,if you think this is a good ideal, please retweet it and let community developers to see it,or let Do Kwon or CZ see it(my twitter was blocked),or Initiate a vote if you can,thanks

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no Fkn FORKS !


I will do whatever my almighty master lord Kwon wants!

Do Kwon shit doesn’t know anything about economics. Fork will just be worthless.


No fork

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duplicate with Revival Plan V2 Preliminary Vote

please remove this topic

I think both burn and Fork will happen. On 27th airdrop/FORK will happen. Post airdrop, burn can be implemented in Luna classic. if you see eth-eth classic ratio, Luna classic will reach 10 cents in a couple of months.

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You will be able to vote tomorrow once the proposal is live.
No need to create new threads again and again.