Do Kwon Proposal + Community Proposal are both possible at the same time

I know that many community members don’t believe in Do Kwon’s Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 as you can clearly see from preliminary vote results. In the meantime, Terra team possibly will revive that proposal, but I think they would be happier if the community backs them too. So why not create two solutions at the same time which is quite possible technically.

I think one of the most popular community proposals is this: [Proposal] BURN and REMEDY fee with each LUNA transaction 💊

So, in the first part, we simply make Do Kwon’s Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 happen according to plan. After that now we have two coins: New Luna and Luna Classic.

In the second part, just after the fork, we (I mean the team and community) implement the Burn-and-remedy-fee-with-each-luna-transaction plan for the Luna Classic. It is already voted yes by some validators.

I think this way everyone may be glad, and Do Kwon may protect and regain the community with him.


That’s not the order of implementation the community wants.

First, we implement the Burn and remedy fee with each luna transaction. Use the reserves in LFG to buy and burn some of the excess Luna supply asap.

If this doesn’t work to revive Luna, we can then talk about creating a new coin.

Please, listen to the community.


Completely agree! dear @dokwon you have used the greatest of funds to try to stabilize UST now those few bucks that you can also afford to lose to burn as much #Moon as you can! are you afraid to do it? ask for consents to the EARTH community !! and then listen !!

This won’t work because fork implies they will abandon the project (at least most devs will move to the newer one). This is why a burn mechanism only is needed so that effective development stays for this chain.

Yes i think it’s good idea for he go alone and we preserved our community

I think, it should be started with the passing of burn proposal. We need to see how a burn proposal would work in real time. If it does well, then that’s good, else we need to re think. It will take time, but as of now… nothing is being tried out at all. There are just speculations and questions, with no action. People who have lost money are just ones who are at the farthest end of consideration at the moment. Action needs to be done to show some hope to everyone as soon as possible.

Also, if decision is not community favored then that is huge loss of trust as well. The meaning of decentralization, which terra strongly believed in, is lost.

Never gonna work. Do you actually think they’ll put any amount of effort to revive the old luna after they migrate to " v2 " ? Besides, 99% of us couldn’t give two shits about Terra team’s “happiness” , just like they don’t care about ours. DO Kwon has to go. Burn mechanism has to be implemented before anything else. They are just trying to abandon everything including others money cause of their incompetence.

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If Do Kwon had added burn and remedy proposal to Luna Classic as a part of the Terra 2.0 revival plan, He would have many more Yes votes and gain somewhat appreciation from the community.