2 solutions in parallel

A lot a people doesn’t believe that the fork is the good thing to do right now . If both coins will coexist : luna and lunc ,why not keep going with the fork and do the burn tax plan for luna classic at the same time . Or any plan that can also save the luna classic .

Exactly, I agree.

I think this is most logical way. After the revival of new Terra, burn mechanism by taxes should be implemented to Luna Classic.

Reputation of Terra is very important for both coins. If Terra team are able to rescue Luna Classic, they may regain good reputation and popularity. And thus, it is beneficial for both new and old Luna. On the other hand, if Terra choose totally abandoning the Luna Classic, their reputation will still stay bad.

So I think, both revival plan and burn and remedy proposal must be done as soon as possible.

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What incentive is there for Terra team to even consider touching “Luna Classic” ever again if they fork? They were incentivised to take action as soon as the de-pegging event occurred, instead they did nothing and went silent. The community has raised their desire for the solution/plan they want to move forward with, yet Do Kwon appears not willing consider it. This fact alone should be proof enough that if the fork happens “Luna Classic” will be a backburner after thought for them.