Do Kwon should use his personal wealth earned from ust/luna to compensate retails who are still holding ust/luna in whole


Do Kwon should use his personal wealth earned from ust/luna to compensate retails in whole who are still holding ust/luna.


Agreed -_-


He probably won’t, but he’ll have a target on his back the rest of his life. Has anyone in the world caused more financial ruin to a mass of people than Do Kwon?

Anything he can do might just save his and his families’ quality of life. Imagine having to go out in public if you were in his shoes.

I am very angry with him but I also feel sorry for him.

Without external funding to pump some life into UST, it’s OVER.


You’re right, he should come up with funds to pay UST prepeg on Anchor a decent amount per wallet, otherwise - sued for life!


His only option to go out and live a normal life is to be a victim like everyone else he created. He can not live of wealth he destroyed from others. That wont work.

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pump $LUNA pls not $UST

I very much doubt he’s still a multi-billionaire after last week. Claims he never sold any UST or Luna during the crash. That has to have left a huge hole in his assets.

is he alive ?

I don’t think he would have to if he would just tell the market and community he’s standing behind a Buy/Burn strategy. The market would help with hopes of making a great return and we all would of course help and buy buy buy…

But he’s got to say something.

Do Kwon needs to be killed. He must pay for his sins with his life.

a joke?

Which bit? No joke intended. What do you mean?


I want to see him behind bars for what he did to so many people. Meanwhile, everyone, he’s still wealthy and doing just fine.