Do Kwon's pre-crash dissolving of TFL

Very interesting article…


Ah yes, I recall seeing a Twitter account that was a year old, but first Tweets came after the attack on Terra regarding these documents.

What’s most interesting in my opinion is the lack of overall interest in investigating both Binance and Gemini to allow a KYCed user to violate their Terms of Service and use their platforms to manipulate markets to launch the attack, without freezing or suspending their accounts per their own policies.

This was a 1,000% hit job by TradFi, from the depegging, to the Twitter propaganda campaign against UST, to the smear campaign against Do Kwon, to the so-called leak documents.

“If it’s proved that it only works if there are continuous buyers of Luna and TerraUSD coins, the system may be verified to be a P0nzi Scheme and that may prove Kwon’s fraud,” said Cho.