Do: "residual UST holders" what does this even mean?

So how will they allocate this “airdrop” for “residual” $UST holders? Is it claimable through the $UST you hold now? Or will a snapshot be taken prior to the de-peg?

I feel that $UST holders are not being protected here; this was the whole product of Luna – UST is a stablecoin. Why is it impossible overtime to reimburse from smallest to biggest wallets the $ust value as close to $1 USD with a % of current tx fees on $LUNA / $LUNC chain?


That means all ust holders are fuckkked and deeply
It s better to buy luna (with 1 billion market cap) now to have 10% the new supply than holding our UST coin (25% of the supply for 11 b UST)

Go in hell Kwon

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