UST reimbursement for small holders - Criteria? Do I move UST to Terra?

So I bought and held UST on ZKsync chain for between $1(0.997) and like $0.92 on May 9th, after the “pre attack” snapshot, not knowing anything about it. Later I ended up selling my UST for like $0.10 cents after getting rekt and losing a great deal.

I am not really interested in getting any luna, as this was supposed to be a short term, didn’t even know it was depegging, but I was rekt none the less. So my question is:

Do I need to now buy UST and transfer it over to Terra to get the “reimbursement for small holders”? I got just as rekt as everyone else. Do I qualify? Do I not waste further money trying to get my lost money back?

There has been no guidance and the snapshot is coming soon. I just really need to know what to do, as I do not want to get double rekt if I am not going to get reimbursed. I don’t want luna in 2 years, but if I need to buy and move UST to Terra to get my old UST value back asap then I will. Any guidance would be appreciated. Just want to get reimburse with everyone as I lost just as much as everyone else, but after the stated “pre attack” snapshot date.


No one will get reimbursed, how has no one understood this yet? You’re going to get an airdrop worth pennies and that’s all there is, we can buy lollipops with our wasted thousands.

Buying now will not make a difference. Reimbursement talks are being held with exchanges for the time of the depeg.

I have asked around and this is just eligible for the Luna airdrop.