Expanded & Finalized L1 Task Force Spending Prop for Q2 2023 [v3]

This is the v3 instance of this proposal, with an amended budget, 6/6 team roster, and Q&A section!

Written by: Rabbi Jebediah (https://twitter.com/RabbiJebediah )
Co-Author: Mr.Baboon (https://twitter.com/Mr_Bab00n)

This is a spending proposal for Q2 2023 that would fund an expanded L1 Task Force to work on LUNC and only LUNC, without wasting the community’s money on side-projects that extend beyond the scope of our blockchain. This proposal seeks to minimize the amount of “unnecessary fat” by trimming superfluous and unneeded expenditures (like “team managers”) while also removing dysfunctional elements (TGF staff) from the L1 development team. It also seeks to distance the L1 team away from Terra Grants Foundation’s umbrella given the latter’s problems like unsanctioned spending, incoming governmental audit, and lack of any grants (despite billing itself as a non-profit grants foundation).

With the passing of Q1, the amount of actual development work on the LUNC blockchain was done by a small group of hard-working people (Superman/InonMan, Frag, Vinh, Ed Kim). With Q2 staring us in the face we still don’t have parity with Luna 2; the last update that was deployed halted the LUNC chain for hours (forcing validators and Jared from TFL to deal with the issue); many Q1 deliverables remain unfinished and undeployed; the upcoming WASM upgrade is a catastrophe waiting to happen; and a host of chain exploits and risks that were reported by Jacob Gadikian of Notional were either ignored or barely acknowledged then brushed aside.

Then there’s also the problem of “feature creep” which has slowly but surely wormed its way into the L1. The L1 Task Force was assembled to do core L1 work on LUNC, but its mission charter has morphed along the way into anything and everything that Tobias and the TGF want done, ranging from their pet projects like the Senate and legal protection for US citizen-affiliates, to side-chains being developed by Prof. Kim (by leveraging LUNC’s L1 team assistance), to pointless wastes of time like the “Coding Dojo” (basically a glorified wiki) and Terra Operator (both being pushed by Tobias himself while he takes LUNC money and does minor programming work on the actual chain that’s paying him to develop it). Neither should USTC repeg initiatives nor L2 work/developers be a part of the core L1 development process, nor should either of those come bundled with L1 spending proposals!

Here is a list of expenditures submitted by the Terra Grants Foundation:

A major issue with the budget above is that TGF is currently falling apart:

  • Superman (InonMan) is still missing, and has been for a number of weeks (IRL legal troubles)
  • TGF’s proposal above includes Superman (InonMan) in the budget, despite his disappearance!
  • interviewing for Tobias’s replacement will take weeks, during which their team will have no lead
  • despite not having a single lead developer, the aforementioned vacancy is still being billed as full!
  • the proposal omits the names of the “junior developers” despite billing the community for them!
  • the prop bills a “manager” spot at $5000/month, with no guarantee more devs will be onboarded
  • TGF is a non-profit operating as a for profit company, which is beyond the scope of its charter
  • TGF itself is currently embroiled in legal issues which will soon result in disciplinary action(s)
  • TGF attempted to bypass aforementioned legal issues by reforming in the Cayman Islands
  • the L1JTF under the purview of the TGF has not finalized and completed the Q1 roadmap
  • for all the reasons above, TGF’s/L1JTF’s Q2 spending proposal is null and void!

LUNC’s treasury is impoverished, and we lack funding - as such, any money we have must be conserved and spent only on the most critical of work! Neither should LUNC be associated with the Terra Grants Foundation, given the latter is about to become legal contagion and could easily drag our blockchain into trouble with the law! Nor should the community be expected to foot thousands of dollars a month in payouts to people like Steve (LuncBurnArmy) so they can manage their “team” of only 2 junior devs!

Superman (InonMan) has been confirmed as missing, and it’s questionable if he’ll ever return!

As LUNC investors, let us fund and reward productive developers while trimming the fat and removing unproductive or outright harmful elements! With the recent departure of Ed Kim from the L1 team, all future L1 work needs to be focused exclusively on LUNC - this means no comingling of LUNC community pool funds for other side-projects, or lending out our remaining developers to non-LUNC initiatives!

It is for all these reasons that we propose the following changes…

To fill the senior leadership gap left by the departure of Prof. Ed Kim and the removal of Mr. Tobias Andersen, we propose bringing in Bilbo Baggins (senior software engineer/architect) and Solid Snake (another senior engineer and systems architect), both of whom will serve as team co-leads. In addition to them, we propose adding another 3 senior developers to the team (NotJoshC, MangoChutney, ChopstickSensei) all of whom are seasoned developers with years of experience under their belts, and will have no trouble fitting into the group. Finally, we propose adding Jacob Gadikian (senior developer and CEO of Notional Labs) to this roster as a retainer, for the purpose of external collaboration and high-level overview (code review and Cosmos-specific implementation), as Jacob has already contributed much to the blockchain and his expertise will prove invaluable in helping us reach parity.

We need to scale up our L1 team if we are to prepare LUNC for the coming bull run!

Ergo, here is the proposed budget for Q2:

$7,500/month for Bilbo Baggins x 3 months = $22,500 overall for Q2
$7,500/month for SolidSnake x 3 months = $22,500 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for NotJoshC x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for MangoChutney x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for ChopstickSensei x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2
$5,000/month for Jacob Gadikian x 3 months = $15,000 overall for Q2

Total expenditure for Q2: $105,000, paid out in 2 installments!
(or 853,658,536.585365 LUNC at a conversion rate of 0.000123)

This money is to be paid out in 2 equal installments! If this proposal passes, the first installment would be released immediately upon the proposal’s passing so the work can commence. The second installment would be put up for a vote in its own prop after 8 weeks have passed, to allow the community to judge the work delivered over 2 months. This ensures the community pool is protected from a one-time drain, as well as incentivizes the developers with delayed payouts for completing their roadmap! This a much safer and more reliable solution than paying them 100% upfront (and allowing TGF to dictate what’s done with the money via their internal shenanigans where they send almost all of the funds to Kraken where the community can’t audit transaction flow)! Partial payment protects community funds, and will also keep the developers motivated to contribute good code and solid work throughout the quarter.


The Q2 roadmap has been refined and pruned of unnecessary/non-L1 work…

Here are the outstanding items from L1 JTF Q1 scope of work that would still need completion in Q2 by the new L1 Team:

  • Secure and deploy Oracle with sha256 to all validators.
  • Impact analysis of upgrade to Cosmwasm v1.0.0 to assess effect on migrating L2 wasm contracts from 0.16.6.
  • Augment the current WASM virtual machine to fit with Cosmwasm v1.0.0.
  • Follow up on the Pebble DB / Badger DB speed improvements task and determine if it’ll be included into a future release or not.
  • Give insight into why the transition to iavl fast node via iavl 0.19.4 has been deferred.
  • Give insight into why Mev-Tendermint is no longer required.
  • Implement and release software upgrade to enforce minimum 5% commission on all validators in accordance with the passing of Proposal 11322.

What the new L1 Team would need from the L1 JTF in order to be successful in Q2:

  • Insight into what exactly is intended with the “Overhaul CI (continuous integrations) workflows” task.
  • Knowledge transfer on the logic behind the current ordering of items that are included in releases, and why they are structured the way they are.
  • Knowledge transfer from L1 JTF regarding any existing testnet, communication channels, and key stakeholders to be aware of.
  • Knowledge transfer from L1 JTF in regards to any internal documents related to the parity upgrade, so those documents can be released to the community for review. We are particularly interested in getting an understanding of the potential impact to smart contracts that the L1 JTF has identified during their investigations of the chain upgrade, and determining what the expected blast radius is in terms of smart contract addresses and potential risk to funds held within those smart contracts.
  • General knowledge transfer so the new L1 Team can review and update their own backlog in response to outstanding items currently on the L1 Team’s backlog.

Development focused revised L1 JTF Q2 scope of work:

  • Finalize pre-release testing of Core v2.0.0 on testnet and bump to “release”
  • Finalize pre-release testing of Oracle-Feeder v2.0.4 on testnet and bump to “release”
  • Prepare Terra.js v2.0.0 pre-release & ensure peer review
  • Bump Terra.js v2.0.0 to “release” state and push changes upstream to TFL so they can prepare new NPM packages
  • Prepare Terra.proto v2.0.0 pre-release & ensure peer review
  • Bump Terra.proto v2.0.0 to “release” and coordinate NPM packages with TVC
  • Work with TCV to patch GUI assets (Station, extension, mobile) with new Terra.js v2.0.0 NPM package
  • Work with existing validators to expand the testnet to a targeted 30% of the validator set.
  • All existing validators are requested to keep an identical configuration of their production instance available for scheduled “release testing” on the testnet.
  • Schedule v2.0.0 upgrade on mainnet and provide on-call support during scheduled chain-halt.
  • Integrate FeeShare module from Juno for release in v2.1.0
  • Finalize CosmWasm upgrade and prepare “migration documentation” for L2 developers.
  • Finalize pre-release testing of Core v2.1.0 on testnet and bump to “release”
  • Schedule v2.1.0 upgrade on mainnet and provide on-call support during scheduled chain-halt.

Moved tasks from original L1 JTF Q2 scope of work:
Moved: Review and update product backlog for L1 team
Notes: This will have to happen as a result of knowledge transfer for the new L1 Team anyways, so it has been moved under that list.

Removed tasks from original L1 JTF Q2 scope of work:
Removed: Renew “community oversight committee” for L1 team, going out to vote for new committee members.
Reason: The community is the oversight committee.

Removed: Establish experimental network to host daily release for “vNext” (main branch)-Investigate the addition of Interchain Accounts (ICA part of IBC) module
Reason: Parity first. The time to explore ICA is not quite yet. Let’s look at this again in Q3.

Removed: Provide technical advisory services/L1 development for “Project Ziggy”
Reason: Based on current events, it looks like “Project Ziggy” is going to be a non-starter, and we also aren’t ready for it yet even if there was something viable to the current iteration of “Project Ziggy”.

Removed: Finalize L1 Dojo - Path of the Journeyman
Reason: Irrelevant and not needed. Better learning materials by an order of magnitude already exist at: Chapter Overview - Cosmos, its Ecosystem, and ATOM | Developer Portal

Removed: Finalize L1 Dojo - Path of the Journeyman
Reason: Irrelevant and not needed. Better learning materials by an order of magnitude already exist at: Chapter Overview - Cosmos, its Ecosystem, and ATOM | Developer Portal

Removed: Establish IBC to Kujira
Reason: The name of the game for Q2 is parity. If we are able to get this in for Q2, by all means that’d be great, but for now this is looking more like something we’ll do very early on Q3, or after we’ve achieved parity and have confirmed success of the upgrade.

Removed: Develop a two-year high-level technology roadmap for Terra Classic (Q3 2023 => Q3 2025)
Reason: The community should be involved in this, and it feels like a discussion best suited for Q3. There are things we’d love to do for the chain once we achieve parity as well, but those discussions can happen with the community in Q3.

Removed: Finalize L1 Dojo - Path of the Expert
Reason: Reason: Irrelevant and not needed. Better learning materials by an order of magnitude already exist at: Chapter Overview - Cosmos, its Ecosystem, and ATOM | Developer Portal

Removed: Assess migration path for Tendermint => CometBFT
Reason: One big change at a time. We can certainly assess this after we achieve parity.

Removed: Review on-ramp technologies for Classic Station and develop proof-of-concept
Reason: The community should be involved in whether they find this to be a valuable feature or not. If it is indeed deemed valuable after discussion, we can look at implementation of it in Q3.

Removed: Finalize Q2 work and avoid voting on Q3 funding
Reason: These types of statements are exactly why the current L1 JTF (with the exception of members who have contributed tangible valuable development work) is seeking to be replaced by this proposal. Not only is this statement irrelevant and not needed as a task line item, it is exceedingly disrespectful to the very community that has paid for the L1 JTF and reeks of hubris.

Removed: Prepare Q3 budget and agora proposals
Reason: This isn’t a development line item. This is administrivia and is not relevant to the development task list. It’s just additional bloat.


Q: Where did you manage to find all these extra L1 developers on such short notice?
A: We saw this coming, and had a team prepared for when it inevitably happened.

Q: Shouldn’t you try to get Ed to return to LUNC? He’s the one who founded TGF after all!
A: Professor Kim has expressed a desire to work on his own chain. We should respect that.

Q: What about Zaradar? Surely there’s something we can do to get him back! Maybe pay him more?
A: Tobias was obviously unhappy with his position and payment. We wish him luck at his new job!

Q: So who’s going to lead the team, now that we don’t have a single senior lead developer?
A: We have multiple! But Bilbo & Snake will be co-leading the team (both are software architects).

Q: Why are all these supposedly high-level super-developers agreeing to work for so little money?
A: Because they want to prove themselves to the community, and become a part of LUNC’s revival.

Q: What about community outreach? Who will keep the LUNC community up to date on L1 work?
A: Bilbo Baggins has volunteered to handle this… and he won’t charge us $7000/month for it! :joy:
A: Solid Snake will also split these tasks with Bilbo, so both can remain at peak coding efficiency.

Q: So are the developers going to work full-time or part-time? How will the L1 team split tasks?
A: Part-time, but the newcomers all want to prove themselves, and will put in a lot of extra work.

Q: Do we really want Jacob Gadikian working on LUNC again? Tobias didn’t get along with him!
A: Jacob is an elite Cosmos developer. With Tobias gone, Jacob will do what he does best - dev!

Q: Would this team be willing to work alongside Superman, Frag, and Vinh at a later date?
A: Sure, why not! This spending prop covers our 6/6, but collaborations could be undertaken.

Q: What about parity? What about a USTC repeg? What about all the other stuff promised in Q1?
A: It’s all a part of the new L1 team’s plan. They’ve been working out the details in private for a while.

Q: How do we know these new devs won’t take the money and run as soon as they get it?
A: The payout plan is structured to protect the community pool and investors from malfeasance.

Q: What guarantee do we have that this L1 team is going to deliver what the chain needs?
A: None. Words are cheap… but if they want to keep getting paid, they’ll have to produce results!

Q: Can you guarantee this team will work only on L1 initiatives, without any side-projects (Ziggy, AI)?
A: Yes! We have nothing against other projects, but they have to submit their own spending props.

Q: So you have a 6/6 team ready to go? Everyone’s on board? No one will quit if the prop passes?
A: Everyone’s ready to go, yes. They’re committed to helping us revive LUNC and grow the chain!

Q: Rabbi, will you be managing this team? Are you now the Product Manager or coordinator?
A: No, I just write props. Bilbo & Snake will co-manage… honestly, I’d just get in their way! :joy:

Q: We want the old L1 team back! They didn’t finish the Q1 roadmap but we still want them back!
A: That’s impossible since Tobias & Ed are gone, and TGF is about to disband due to legal violations.

Q: What about Steve (LuncBurnArmy)? He did a good job in Q1! Why are you not including him?
A: He’s welcome to provide his services pro bono, but the chain is better served hiring developers.

Q: What happens if we vote against this proposal and it doesn’t pass governance?
A: Then development on LUNC will stall. Right now, the chain does not have an L1 team!

Q: If this proposal passes, won’t it empty the community pool? What if we want other projects?
A: There’s currently $250,000+ in the CP, and this prop requires a total of $105,000 over 3 months.

Q: I still have reservations about this proposal and the technical skillset of the suggested devs.
A: That’s fine, post your questions down below and the devs will do their best to answer them.

Here is the Code of Conduct our developers will adhere to, courtesy of @Pholuna:

Contractors must conduct themselves in a professional manner! This means whether commenting on personal social media or not, you are the faces of our community! As such, the following will not be tolerated: theft, bribery, gross negligence, f-raud, misrepresenting factual information, harassment of other organizations or individuals, bullying, aggressive or intimidating behaviour, threats of violence, etc. You are to represent the LUNC community to the best of your ability, and to uphold the interests of its investors while treating everyone with respect and dignity!

Vote YES if you agree with the proposed Q2 spending plan for the LUNC L1 team!
Vote NO if you disagree with the proposed Q2 spending plan for the LUNC L1 team!

Thank you for reading, and let us know your thoughts down in the comments below! :wave: :point_down:

Signed by: Rabbi Jebediah, Mr. Baboon
Special thanks: to all our wonderful Frens!

v3 changelog:

  • removed Frag & Vinh from the roster (they graciously declined our offer)
  • rebalanced the budget to account for the finalized team roster (6/6)
  • added Pholuna’s Code of Conduct for our development team
  • added the pruned Q2 Roadmap to the main post body
  • edited the main section to account for new information
  • expanded the Q&A section with a couple more lines
  • fixed some typos and grammar, improved formatting
Bilbo Baggins: Senior Software Engineer & Systems Architect

Founder, Undisclosed Company
- Created a distributed point of sale system for a franchise of businesses written in Elixir and Vue.js.
- Created a real time location monitoring and scheduling system for employees of a remote based business written in Elixir and React.
- Created a two sided marketplace for skilled workers for both iOS and Android written in React Native.
- Contributed to the design and development of a real time f-raud analysis and detection platform written in Golang and React.
- Contributed to the development and maintenance of a building inspection platform's website and iOS / Android apps written in Ionic.

Senior Software Engineer & Systems Architect, Crypto Company
- Played a key role in backend with Golang and frontend implementation with React for Initial Coin Offering.
- Contributed to development of crypto trading front-end / backend integrated with multiple trading APIs written in Javascript and Golang.
- Contributed to implementation of fiat payment processor onramps and offramps for various payment APIs written in Javascript and Golang.
- Contributed to development, testing, and deployment of Solidity smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain.
- Contributed to design and development of iOS and Android apps written in Swift and Java, respectively.

Software Engineer, Automation Company
- Contributed to the design and development of remote device management front-ends written in Vue.js.
- Contributed to the development of a micro-service oriented API architecture written in Rust.
- Contributed to the design and development of secure third party authentication and integration infrastructure written in Rust.
- Contributed to the implementation of CI / CD pipelines to manage Docker / Kubernetes based deployments across multiple environments.
- Contributed to the implementation of progressive web-apps that targeted desktop, iOS, Android, and other devices from a single codebase.

Skills and Interests
- Proficient in Golang, Elixir / Erlang, Solidity, Javascript, Python, Rust, Haskell, Swift, Java / Kotlin, CI / CD.
- Experienced in CI / CD and dev-ops solutions like Kubernetes, Docker, and Podman.
- Experienced in distributed architecture design and fault tolerant systems design.
- Experienced in cross-platform mobile app development frameworks like React Native, Ionic, and Cordova.
- Experienced in full stack development across a variety of frameworks like React, Svelte, Vue.js / Nuxt.js, Django, and more.
- Experienced in game design and development, with a particular interest in entity component systems based architectures via Bevy and Rust.
- Experienced in smart contract development, deployment and management for Ethereum and Cosmos based networks.
- Experienced in running and maintaing validator nodes for blockchains in the Cosmos network.

- Everything crypto, blockchain, defi, degov, and finance / investing / trading related.
- Machine learning and running self managed nodes to further optimize creation and curation of training data and models.
- 3D printing and automation of 3D printing, be it filament or resin based. Also interested in robotics as an offshoot of 3D printing.
- Learning, and solving really hard problems.
- Video games, movies, collecting Time magazines, and writing.
Solid Snake, Senior Systems Architect

Previous Experience
Undisclosed Commpany, Lead Systems Architect
- Built horizontally scalable architecture for two sided marketplace in Golang.
- Built fault tolerant double ledger accounting systems via utilization of event sourcing architecture in Elixir.
- Built robust and scalable web crawling infrastructure utilizing headless Chrome, Docker, and Kubernetes.
- Built scalable search infrastructure utilizing Elastic Search, Docker, and Kubernetes.
- Built robust internal data monitoring infrastructure via utilization of Prometheus and Grafana.

Undisclosed Commpany, Senior Software Engineer
- Built multi-tenant intake and reporting system in Javascript that was sold to customers as a platform as a service.
- Built geolocation based realtime monitoring infrastructure for remote locations in Rust.
- Built CI / CD workflows to optimize software deployments for multiple environments and targets.
- Built horizontally scalable fault tolerant file upload infrastructure in Elixir.
- Built custom multiplexed realtime websockets client in Javascript.

Undisclosed Commpany, Software Engineer
- Built realtime chat infrastructure in Golang.
- Built horizontally scalable authentication infrastructure in Golang.
- Built internal CLI to speed up and optimize business workflows in Golang.
- Built iOS and Android apps optimized to display rich form media such as images, videos, and realtime video streams.
- Built component based library and style guide for multiple front-end websites in React.

Skills, Interests
- Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Golang, Swift (iOS / OSX Apps), Java / Kotlin (Android Apps), Rust, Elixir / Erlang, Python, POSIX
- Interests: Reading, Movies, Hiking, Cooking, Hydroponics, Homesteading, Vanlife, Exploring
Chopstick Sensei | Senior Software Engineer

Work Experience
Delivery Service, Lead Developer
- Developed and maintained an e-commerce and delivery platform with React
- Implemented robust distributed backend micro-services using Go and Rust
- Designed and implemented CI / CD workflows for automated deployments
- Created responsive mobile applications for drivers
- Implemented Front Ends for major clients

Automotive Company, Full Stack Developer
- Developed React components for public facing websites
- Implemented business-critical API endpoints using Go
- Deployed horizontally scalable live search APIs

Financial Institution, Technical Consultant
- Developed high-performance automations
- Implemented front-ends using React Native
- Built internal APIs using Python

Skills & Interests
Skills: Go; Node; React; React Native; Redux; Solidity; Ruby; Rails; Python; Elixir; Erlang; Django; Bootstrap; Tailwind; PHP; Laravel; C#
Interests: Crypto; Gaming; Collectible Card Games; Game Development; Pizza
mangochutney - Senior Software Engineer

Work History
Senior Software Engineer, Undisclosed Company
- Design, develop, and maintain microservices and APIs using Golang.
- Create smart contracts using Solidity for the Ethereum blockchain.
- Develop native iOS apps using Swift.
- Implement high-performance and secure systems using Rust.
- Utilize AWS and GCP for deployment of company infrastucture.

Software Developer, Undisclosed Company
- Built web applications using Python frameworks like Flask.
- Built and maintained APIs using Django.
- Implemented automated testing and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines using Jenkins and GitLab.

Software Developer, Undisclosed Company
- Contributed to the development of an iOS app using Swift.
- Collaborated with senior developers to implement microservices using Golang.
- Implement web applications using Javascript frameworks like React.

Skill Summary
- Proficient in Python, Golang, Solidity, Rust, and Swift programming languages.
- Experienced in smart contract development using Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain.
- Experienced in cloud computing platforms such as AWS and Google Cloud.
- Experienced in building microservices with Golang and Rust.
- Experienced in building native iOS apps using Swift.
notjoshc - Senior Software Engineer

Work Experience
Senior Software Engineer, Undisclosed Company
- Contributed to completing various on-going company projects using C++, Matlab, and React.

Software Architect Engineer, Undisclosed Company
- Setup and maintained 1/254 Nucypher cryptography nodes worldwide, supporting the Nucypher network.
- Designed, created, and maintained new C++ CUDA video upscaling desktop software for distributed multi-node environments (online and local).
- Designed, created, and maintained Vue.js/Nuxt.js websites for company's products and online store.
- Designed, created, and maintained Flutter Android/iOS website browsing app.
- Researched Ethereum and Polygon blockchain for future integration into the C++ CUDA video upscaling project.
- Designed, created, and maintained Flutter and C++ Android/iOS price tracking app, with Python and C++ webscraping backend and datbase.
- Designed, created, and maintained C++ Apache Kafka library for integration with Flutter Android/iOS app.

Software Engineer, Undisclosed Company
- Contributed to creating, maintaining, and new feature developement of modern C++ real-time video processing and streaming software suite.
- Contributed to creating new real-time video transcoders (H264, H265) using FFmpeg's C API and C++.
- Optimized C++ software suite to use 50% less memory and reduce CPU usage while increasing performance.
- Created internal MPEG-TS video debugging parsing tools in C++ and Qt to aid with work and help the test team.
- Aided in horizontally scaling software suite to a multi-node environment using Apache Kafka and C++.
- Automated software suite installer generation using Python.
- Aided in automated software suite's build and packaging process using Conan.io, Jenkins, and Atlassian products.
- Aided in designing, creating, and testing of internal libraries to unify software suite's codebase.
- Researched using Rust for core library development and integration with current C++ Qt software.

CS Research Assistant, Undisclosed Company
- Created C# programs and Python scripts to aid in mining data from research papers for AI processing.
- Researched and created Python software based on EBSD research papers to verify paid-software's results.
- Created Python software to interact with paid-software's DLLs and hardware to automate said software and hardware's processes.

CS and Physics Tutor, Undisclosed University
- Tutored mutiple students in CS and Physics weekly on-campus
- Solidified course concepts and aided in teaching students based on their needs in 1-hour sessions.

Skill Summary
- Proficient in C++, Qt, Python, Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Javascript, Java, and Flutter programming languages.
- Experienced in cross-platform C++ library design and integration for all hardware and CPU architectures (including mobile).
- Experienced in cross-platform mobile-application development in Flutter, C++, and Java.
- Experienced in front-end and back-end development using Vue.js/Nuxt.js, React, Javascript, Python, and C++.
- Experienced in creating cross-platform emulators of game systems using C++ and creating accompanying mobile apps.
- Experienced in running and maintaining nodes for projects on the Ethereum network.
- Experienced in delegating, staking, and liquidity providing on Ethereum, Polygon, and Cosmos networks.

Gut_Daddy is looking forward to having more developers working on lunc!!
Gut_Daddy approves of this proposal so my vote will be YES!


This remains the most fleshed out and clear vision for LUNC to date. It is an actionable plan with no fluff, no ambiguity and an actual team that knows what they’re doing. As it stands I see no other way forward for the future of the blockchain. It is a yes from me.


Very professional, fully fleshed out. No L2 fluff, no suspect junior devs or PM roles.
Yes yes and yes!
Let’s get to building.
Shalom :pray:


I see that @RabbiJebediah has a full team ready in this proposal. This is great. Let’s move forward. Very lean experienced and passionate team at reasonable price.


I didn’t expect a v3, I see that Vinh and Fragwuerdig aren’t in the initial team (it’s disappointing to be completely honest, we need the biggest team possible) but that the proposal is opened to the idea of integrating them in the future, hopefully that would happen.

I have already stated my favorable opinion about the v2, but all that remained was to get more credentials about the team, and I’m pleasantly surprised to see that they have even more work experience than I thought they would !

I approve of the addition of Pholuna’s code of conduct (My thanks to Pholuna !), which is a requirement in my opinion as we do not want to see another Zaradar happen.
@RabbiJebediah I have to say that your alternative proposal also incentivized the original prop to be amended and for the fluff to be cut out ! And just for this, I thank you, it’s a win-win from my bystander point of view. Admittedly both props are now quite good in my opinion… but I would prefer to opt for a new team entirely, a bigger one at that, and wouldn’t it be for the absence of Vinh and Fragwuerdig, this would’ve been perfect.

The upside, though, is that all the team is accounted for, introduced and ready, and the simple fact that they all posted their experience here already is… a lot more Agora communication than the Q1 L1TF, which despite their efficiency in development, were lacking on that front.

I see nothing more to add, the back and forth between Rabbi and Pholuna/Bilbo/Tonu/Steven and many others helped the prop to be amended with the last changes I wanted to see !

That is a YES for me !


Hey @RabbiJebediah

Nice proposal

Git commits from the guys you’ve forwarded?

How many hours per week per person is being proposed

Full time? Or part time ?

Can these guys be interviewed by let’s say

Ed/PFC/Jacob/Will Chen?

We can always chat with Vinh/Till

Which ever proposal goes through …

What’s stopping 2 teams working on the project ?




Great proposal. Tobias leaving and now this?! BULLISH MORE THAN EVER!
Anyone with half a brain is able to see that the current L1 team we have isn’t working in the chains best interest and only trying to fill their own pockets leeching from the community.



As a big investor in the chain, I am looking forward to all the great things happening, everything detailed and described show a lot of promise!!

I’m already excited to see what this team will bring. as I said before, this is a big YES from me.

at this point, I believe you have a mental illness, and I am not saying this to poke fun or be mean, everything has been detailed, this proposal shows a lot of good going for it, but I see you in every thread just fudding the shit out of what could possibly be the BEST thing to happen right now for the chain.

you are trying to accuse these developers (which I have already spoke with majority of them already) as being fake, I feel you are saying these false accusations because you have a serious care of blind hatred.

I am starting to believe you are a shorter and trying your best to fud the progress of this chain, because you see this as a huge negative impact to your personal finance, if not, then let the team prove themselves!
I feel like in the future when a lot of good progress has been achieved and price action is up (which benefits EVERYONE invested in lunc), you will need to bow down to your knees and apologize, but that’s my opinion.


Um what he said


I told ya we were getting a v3


I suggest using this proposal to negotiate with Burn Army proposal differenes in good faith for single and final proposal. Good faith means good faith no flaming each other!

Mark M

Dissapointing that Till & Vinh stepped out.

Otherwise, unless a better composition or prop shall be offered, it’s a strong Yes.


No. LBA is a grifter who took 21K for nothing. He now wants unspecified main devs, junior devs etc. He also wants 5k/mo to manage 2 people. We absolutely do not need LBA or his proposal.


Each version is better and takes feedback into account. Big yes for me and thanks again to all people working together on this prop