Falsehoods promoted by the l1 task force

Good morning,

Today I would like to correct some falsehoods that have been spread by Tobias Anderson.

I’m a software developer and I made just under 4400 contributions to cosmos repositories last year. I used to be a history teacher.

You can find my GitHub profile here:

I have not made any attacks on tobias’s character. He is simply dangerously wrong, and the issue is that he is endangering lunc. It is a very serious problem that a single hosting provider on a single autonomous system number that sits behind two single connections has control over an amount of vote power that could halt consensus and refuses to disclose their clients. This same hosting provider, allnodes.com, also has false and dangerous beliefs about key management.

They tell their customers that they are non-custodial, but in fact they’re fully custodial.

I’m not sure how kubernetes is even relevant here. The only relevant issue is physical custody of the keys.

The code above did not ship. Khanh Nguyen and Vuong Nguyen wrote the IBC fix. It was reviewed by the ibc team and by Sunny from Osmosis. Ed Kim worked with the validators. The patch was successful.

I have never mined Bitcoin in Vietnam. I have mined Bitcoin in various locations around the United States. The United States has cheaper and more available electricity than Vietnam. The company I cofounded to mine bitcoin has a patent and I am one of the inventors.

Here is a link to the patent:

That company is still operating.

I have not made personal attacks on Tobias. He is simply dangerously wrong.

I have not made personal attacks on Tobias. He is simply dangerously wrong.

The developers are not responsible for how validators operate. The delegators, who choose who is a validator, are responsible for how validators conduct their business and that is why we provided them with the information necessary to move away from a known insecure operator, allnodes.com

Notional is a well-regarded software development company in Cosmos, and it is a fact that we are navigating how to be compensated for our work through governance. I am very proud of our teams many accomplishments.

Amazon and Google have far more secure key management practices than allnodes.com.

I felt that it was necessary to formally set the record straight here on the forum.

Here is the documentation produced concerning all nodes:

Here is the documentation produced concerning our involvement as a team with the layer one task force organized by Ed Kim:

It is accurate that our organization has left the layer one task force because:

  • Serious security issues were ignored
  • Feature development was being pursued at the cost of stability
  • Security best practices

Even back when Zaradar was part of TR, he started acting weird towards Q4 2022. The whole “not my fucking problem” attitude started showing up more and more. I think we should let Q1 play out and then hire a new group of people to work on this. This has gotten tiresome.


yeah now that you mention it i recall zaradar being really weird after he borrowed that money and didnt want to pay it back from alex forshaw the one he lost longing luna i think he double down or something he’s been talking about making 40k here 50 k here very weird


Im pretty sure Tobias is on his own in this… no need to attack everyone. Just because they arent attacking one of their own doesnt mean they agree or condone what he is saying. Or other actions. I work with a lot of people I disagree with, I dont go throwing bombs every time I disagree with their actions. You have left the community. So move on.

I dont think we should be paying anyone. I would rather lose my investment than keep up with this goofy drama. If we cant get people to volunteer to fix and build on the chain, then it just needs to go away.

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Chain is pretty well equipped to pay for its own development.

To some degree I agree with you about the volunteer angle. Even I could and have done volunteer work for the chain and would likely continue to do things here and there.

That said, it needs a lot of work, and I have a sizable team. Working with nova validator to increase tax. (not burn tax, community pool tax)

You didn’t get fired from the L1 team if I understand this right you chose to leave.
When things get tough - we know you bugger off rather than persevere. And then come backstabbing and power grabbing. You are not my team for sure.

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Additionally, we never claimed to have been fired.

We left because the L1 team was endangering the chain, and we felt that the concepts being pursued, like distributing false information about tendermint consensus at scale – were simply not viable.

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as far as I’m concerned, the controversy is too long and not very constructive, it’s easy to find reasons for conflict, what’s difficult is to stay united and find points of union and continue to build. But the difficult things are the only ones that pay off in the long run. we must remember that. . .

That isn’t true. When we unify with individuals who openly promote reducing code quality, we harm Luna.

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While I agree we should strive for unity, integrity takes priority. It is better to have open debate and conflict about fundamental issues, such as the security of the blockchain, than to ignore them. A false peace is no peace.


Holly high school all over again cry a river

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank our L1 development team and ask them to stay strong and hold steady. The community can see through the disgruntled former team member and the usual FUD. Please keep up the good work we appreciate it.


I want to thank Allnodes our largest validator who has always been there having the back of the LUNC community right from the beginning. Despite all the conspiracy theories Allnodes continues to lead the way not only in voting power but also in the effort to lower its own voting power to follow community wishes and aid decentralization. Amazing really the efforts nade and in stark contrast to the accusations which keep getting made.


I’m getting so frickin’ tired of this.
Does Allnodes have any bad history regarding misuse of Validator Keys?
Does Gadikian have any bad history regarding substance abuse and/or mental illness?

I TRUST that the Allnodes situation is fixable.

I DO NOT TRUST that the Gadikian situation is fixable.

That’s the simplicity all this boils down to.

I accept your opinion.

Interestingly, it does not seem that the non-profit corporation described by the Grant’s Foundation exists.

Non existent 501c3

Inon-man concerned too

I am by no means the only developer who has expressed serious concerns about Tobias conduct concerning the project.

I would encourage the community to look into this non-profit corporation.

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We don’t care about Luna v2 ,we are here for Lunc

if that’s the case, why aren’t you more concerned with the software issues?

Why didn’t you even bother to read the release notes of the libraries being used?

Who is we?

Maybe this is the big reveal –

when I first met Ed Kim and @Zaradar, it was in terra rebels. Later, some folks arbitrarily declared that the terra rebels bad, after “150k distributed to discord admins for robot vacuum cleaners” – and presented evidence that was true; sad.

So, are you “we” with Ed and @Zaradar ? This would explain a LOT about the Layer 1 Task Force approach to security.

Would you like to share more @Vegas ?

thank you

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We the Lunc community.

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Tobias’ opinions are his own. I some times do not share his opinions, but I also do not feel the need that we need to always be on the same page.

I believe you are asking for my opinion on several matters on the page that you linked.
–Tobias’ opinion you are not a developer.
I do not share this opinion. When I put together the L1 team, I chose who I thought were the best people for the job. This includes you. I believe your development knowledge and skills were a strong asset.

I have no opinion on Kubernetes. I do not use it, nor do I really know anything about it.

Bitcoin mining.
I have no idea about this at all. But it seems like the evidence shows that it occured in the United States.

Also, you mentioned that cannot find my 501c3. You can look here. Secretary of State

Anyway, I hope this gives you a better understanding of me and my position.


Both Tobias and luncburnarmy have claimed that I was distributing false information about security.


The document above details insecure practices by allnodes.com, a VaaS provider.

In the screenshots in the document, is it clear to you that they operate in an insecure manner?

Did they make the network more or less secure?

Do you believe that private keys can be known by another party, deleted, and that solves the problem of their compromise?

Software issues

Based on the annotated files that I have provided to frag, which I’m going to link you in Twitter now in case they weren’t delivered as promised, are there security issues?