Vote of “No Confidence” for the Current L1 Team - You Can't Censor Me Edition

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Thanks for putting this up again. :+1: :pray:

Governance discussion should never be censored.


Everything with Rabbi’s signature is a no from me, Bilbo. He is too disruptive and his actions endangers the needed regaining of trust and confidence.

I am totally in favour of other teams tackling the chain development, tough. I’ve read somewhere you just wanna code and help the chain. That’s nice and aligned with a collaborative environment we need to flourish with once again.

But as long as you are aligned with Rabbi, it’s no for me, sorry.

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Glad to see this back up. It’s clear Terra Allies is being targeted and censored by bad actors. I’ve never seen anything like this in the LUNC space!


YES these attacks only confirm it to me.


all this censorship just shows that the L1 team and Terra Grants Foundation are terrible for the chain. there is 0 transparency with them. and all their fanboys run around locking down discussion whenever their idols do something bad.


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I am absolutely disgusted by TGF and L1 behavior. This blockchain is not your personal toy. Given the high amounts of shills and blatant censorship just confirms that the rot runs deep. Thanks @ek826 for plaguing the chain with your cronies!


I would like to say lfg


I’ve noticed that this proposal is currently being voted on in governance, but I’m a bit confused about its reposting in Agora. Could you clarify the reason for reposting while the voting is still ongoing? Additionally, according to the current vote tally, the proposal has received 40.12% NO VOTES, 30.08% NO WITH VETO, and only 17% YES VOTE. Can you confirm if this is accurate?

Umm yeah
That’s one way to put it… I guess… :see_no_evil:

The old topic is maliciously reported since yesterday it is impossible to write that’s why it’s new.

I support this. They lost my support a long time ago. Look at the price of LUNC as an indicator of how things are going. Dysfunctional chain, incompetent devs, and absolutely no coherent leadership.

Less drama, more development. Otherwise we’re done for.


No with veto :-1:

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I’ll have a screenshot ready to show you at the end of Q2

That original thread of the L1 Team does not look like it can be commented on, since it’s getting closed often.

I have things to report, and things to tell them, but I think LBA will be on this AMA on the 3rd. I’ll try to ask him qns live if they allow qns.

I will, however, compile a list of tasks they were supposed to do, and what they have done till now. I shall try to submit this today.


I don’t agree with your proposal or the actions of L1 during “that” incident.

I think they made a mistake and now have time to make good.

And while I don’t agree with this “no confidence” vote and it will be no with veto I still respect your ability raise the issues important to you and don’t think people should be censored.

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That has nothing to do with antisemitism. It has to do with your behavior in the forums. Both the community guidelines and Terms of Service acknowledge that discourse, while protecting the ideas that a person would express, need to be delivered in a civil and respectful manner. That is something you have completely lost track of. I encourage you to step back, take a look at your interactions with others, and then ask if you believe that is contributing toward research, and/or productive, or at least civil, discussions.

While there are times I have seen flags that unfortunately appear to be due to disagreement of ideas in other threads at times, I have to say that for this discussion (particularly the past two threads) I have seen legitimate disrespect in terms of delivery of ideas (so I can understand why people are most likely flagging less than respectful posts).


I reject your false assessment and refuse your lame “advice”. Sort yourself out first before offering unsolicited nonsense to others - you can start by actually contributing honest points to these discussions, without trying to cover for grifters, liars, thieves, and other scum who abuse the chain to pad their own pockets.

That is patently incorrect, these threads have had few off-topic deviations or instances of impolite behavior. If anything, they’re actually above-average in terms of Agora content. But they keep getting mass-flaged and locked to death because people like yourself can’t stand it when your idols are called out for their irresponsible behavior and asked to justify their actions!

Once again, you lie to fit your own narrative @aeuser999. You’re incredibly dishonest and inject yourself into conversations only to off-topic and try to work the character-assassination angle. It’s too bad you suck at it, and lack finesses, so your little plays are visible from orbit. I suggest you fix your own slimy behavior and stop acting as an obsequious doormat for every bad actor with an ounce of authority on the chain (starting with the TGF and end at Allnodes). Then and only then should you even consider lecturing others.

Pathetic. Do better!


That’s the same behavior that got him banned from Twitter… he won’t step back, though