is very unpleasant to use. Is there anything we can do about that?

example : Terra Finder
from this log we can’t read almost nothing. How many LP tokens did this guy have, how many UST and mABNB he received, what all these crazy “4491977040uusd” mean and so on.
Why don’t you just simplify it to contract name, sender address, transaction type and readable amounts of tokens he sent/received?


I agree. Terra finder it’s so hard to read that you can’t understand anything. We need a better version and UX to improve for normal users. ETH scan it’s better in so many ways, maybe a similar version.

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Cuz its because the terraswap contracts are complicated lol

It shouldn’t be this convoluted

amazing work!

this is way more useful. Thanks man

Thanks for taking the time to create My Net Worth value doesn’t equal my spreadsheet number. I wonder if Net Worth includes a $$$ value for bLUNA that is unbonding or bLUNA/LUNA staked in

An :information_source: next to Net Worth explaining what is included in the total might be a cool feature.