Transfering LUNA to Station wallet

I am trying to transfer LUNA to my station wallet via cryptocom but they are telling me that my wallet (see screenshot) is an invalid address?

I had a message on here from tech support but it disappeared.


It looks like they may be preventing you from sending UST to a brand new wallet that has no tokens in it. I would contact their support to see what they say. It is probably a “protective measure” to prevent users from sending to a wrong address, but inadvertently prevents users from funding new addresses that way.

It was Luna and they are trying to tell me that

“The Terra Ecosystem is temporarily suspended and this is applied until further notice.”

“Until then deposits and withdrawals with this crypto token are not possible.”

This is BS I assume as i know others that do not have this issue.

Hm, very weird, sounds like they have disabled withdrawals on the Terra chain - perhaps it is saying ‘invalid address’ because it is expecting an Eth address.

I checked just now and withdraws of Luna on the Terra chain work just fine on

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They messaged me just recently saying that they were having issues now after saying this. So frustrating. I would move my holdings to Binance but the fees I would end up paying would be costly.

could you perhaps just try and deposit some native coins to your terra station wallet so that it is not flagged as empty anymore? let me know if you need a couple of ust, i can send it over if you don’t have other options.

can this be closed?

Issue was not resolved but as it’s on cryptocom side I think yes it could be closed now. Thank you for your help and offer.

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