New luna for everybody

We need to burn all of existing LUNA and switch to new LUNAv2 with small CS.

EVERYONE IS EQUAL. Everly holder of LUNA will get LUNAv2 a better deal.

It is very simple.
Right now we have $3,149,067,989 market cap. Lets take a snapshot same day of next week without announcing when exactly. New LUNAv2 will have circulation supply = market cup of old LUNA, which is $1 for each new LUNAv2.

How to calculate how many tokens you will get for old LUNA? It is simple. If you gonna have value of your LUNA 2345 USD then you will get 2345 tokens new LUNAv2.

Albo we can implement 1% burn tax on each buy and sell transaction.

The point is to get smaller circulation supply and make everyone equal based of how many USD have right now.

Why do you think there will be any trust in lunav2?


yes because of the great community
it will be good start to go up again

Fork will make people lose trust in this ecosystem. It won’t be listed on Binance. According to what CZ said it looks this way.

Far better option in my opinion:


With the new chain big part of that great community would evaporate instantly.

I like that proposal too.

CZ said that every holder of LUNA is equal. There is no such a thing like holder before/after crash.


Lol my lunas worths only $0,70 now. I bought at $1 and I am -%99,99. Also holders from above $50 will have only 0. But the avarage buy USD value can be the amount of the new LUNA. Like I bought $1k worth of luna then I will receive $1K worth of new luna. But I strongly agree with @HelloThere proposal

Please support this idea by writing what you think about it in its thread :stuck_out_tongue: It will bump it to the top and more people will have the chance to see it

You can still buy it more because is cheap and if this plan would go LIVE with propen announcement of snapshot for some day next week price would go up, up…
If you buy now 50 usd then you can have bigger value because of the hype.

I agree, they should consider all LUNA holders. If they wanted not to give LUNA2 to new holders why don’t they approach each exchange and ask them to halt the trading. So silently many people are getting rekt everyday by buying LUNA. LUNA team should come with a fair plan.

Dude I lost all of my money. I have $0 right now.

why should i burn my v1 tokens for a v2 token? I don’t understand why you keep pushing that a fork would have a possible value? i understand some have lost money but this is only because they have invested so much in a faulty token so that’s part of the risk of this world! that a new token will not give them back their money as it would have no value and 0 trust from the market!

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Because there is 6.91T Luna, LOL
That is why we need to burn them. All of them.

Like i said before I like proposal of @HelloThere too, as long as we can get very small CS.

what changes if you only have 10,000 ?? nothing because the value of this ecosystem is not LUNA as a token, but the stability of ust. LUNA would only serve to maintain the stability of ust

Oppose this criminal suggestion.

I can’t see there being a V2.
I’m calling it here now.
I don’t think this proposal will be implemented.

The idea for a fork would split the community down the middle and version 2 would have zero value.

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It would be ridiculous to have a new luna

The problem is not burning or fork new version. I think the main problem is the way to keep ust at 1usd. It was not working, so the Luna team needs some time to find a new method to resolve the problem. If they can find the solution, luna will be better. Hope they can find the best method.

I think you might have forgotten that you’re still in a centralized world and there are institutions that will regulate and stop any potential possibility of another Terra-2 death spiral.

If the first Terra doesn’t work, no investor in the right mind would go for the second one. Even if some LUNAtic does, you can’t regain the trust of all the other investors, who tried to pull LUNA up, when the Terra itself was the one who cleared their wallets.

Sure you compensate the UST holders but what about the rest? Those who shouldered the massive trillions of LUNA minting just to save the UST holders (which I personally was against).

Don’t try to justify your actions as a noble cause when you just selectively rescue and leave the real heroes in the gutter.